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  • Televangelists: The New Westboro Baptist

    Back when same-sex "marriage" was the anticipated parousia of progressivism's ever-receding eschaton, social justice warriors needed a devil--a foil against whom to direct their outrage and to hold up for the public to abjure. And the most important attribute of this devil was softness. He, or it, or they, needed to be a sufficiently strawy target so as to make knocking him over simple and easy. And the social justice warriors found their target: Westboro Baptist Church (and Christian communities perceived as belonging to the same ilk).

    For several years, the late Rev. Fred Phelps' hyperbolic, fire-and-brimstone, Gospel-free preaching, embodied by a tiny handful of families, became the face of religious objectors to redefining marriage held up by the liberal media. The attention given the little tiny, ultra-fundamentalist country church was out of all proportion with its size and influence in evangelicalism. But that didn't matter. The tritone highlighter-colored "GOD HATES F*GS" picket signs at soldiers' funerals were all the social justice warriors hoped Americans would remember. Here were the bigots they wanted everyone to think of when the traditional marriage movement came to mind. And judging by the unbelievable, practically overnight shift in public opinion on homosexuality, it worked.
  • Bold Faith in a Fractured Age: 'The Colson Way'

    At The Gospel Coalition, John Stonestreet reviews Owen Strachan's new book, "The Colson Way: Loving Your Neighbor and Living with Faith in a Hostile World." It's a great piece, incorporating John's memories of Chuck as well as his thoughts on the book: READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Is There Anything Good about the Ashley Madison Scandal?

    Owen Strachan thinks there is. Read what he says here, and see if you agree with him.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Pick Another Battle

    When one of the most liberal publications around is supporting Chick-fil-A against the Denver City Council's efforts to keep it out, looks like "the religion-influenced operation" has won that round and it's time for the council to find something else to be outraged about.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Serious Answers to Common Pro-Choice Questions

    In this two-part article, Ross Douthat does a great job of answering nine common objections to the pro-life position (as posed by Katha Pollitt last year after the midterm elections). His answers are thoughtful, substantive, and very thorough.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • The Sexual Revolution's Empty Promises

    I didn't see Russell Brand's YouTube video about porn when it came out, but my attention was caught by a statement from it that was quoted in this article: “If I had total dominion over myself, I would never look at pornography again.”

    If I had total dominion over myself.

    Isn't that precisely what the Sexual Revolution promised us? Sounds like it hasn't worked out too well.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Fewer Religious Men, Fewer Marriages

    A new piece in TIME (adapted from a new book) is titled "What Two Religions Tell Us about the Modern Dating Crisis," but it could just as easily be titled "What the Modern Dating Crisis Tells Us about Religion." For instance:

    "One fact that becomes apparent when studying the demographics of religion is that it is almost always the women who are more devout. Across all faiths, women are less likely than men to leave organized religion. According to the Pew Research Center, 67 percent of self-described atheists are men. Statistically speaking, an atheist meeting may be one of the best places for single women to meet available men."

    For those interested in declining rates of religious belief, declining rates of marriage, or both, I would call this essential reading.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • An Idea for Defunding Planned Parenthood

    A medical doctor who chooses to live, practice, and minister in the Sandtown-Winchester neighborhood of Baltimore with his young family has written “How to Defund Planned Parenthood” over at Christ and Pop Culture. Spoiler: His solution is to finish expanding Medicaid.

    Dr. Matthew Loftus knows “that for many conservative pro-lifers, the idea of fully expanding Medicaid is icky.” He acknowledges concerns that Medicaid is imperfect, expensive, and provides morally troubling birth control. Then he challenges readers with this:

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