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  • End of an Era for Playboy

    A headline beginning "Playboy to Drop Nudity" is a little bit like a headline stating "Sky to Become Yellow instead of Blue." It's not the kind of thing any of us would have expected to see in this lifetime. But don't jump up and down just yet, because there's more to that headline. It concludes with ". . . as Internet Fills Demand."
  • For Shame


    You probably saw this hashtag all over Twitter at the end of last month. (Check out Gina Dalfonzo's blog post for more info on it.) The trend has come and gone by now, allowing us to have a more complete perspective on the whole development. For instance, we get to see how people reacted.
  • Lovely Traditions and Spiritual Catastrophes

    Here's another one from the "My Secular Liberal Friends Don't Get My Faith" genre. I don't mean to be judgmental, truly I don't, but I'm always a little amused by the secular liberal friends who can't take it when someone believes in God and goes to church even though she's like them in most ways that would really matter to them: pro-choice, pro-gay rights, cohabiting outside marriage, and so on. What happens to these friends when a Christian who adheres to an actual traditional Christian worldview comes among them? Do their heads explode?

    As I say, I'm not trying to be judgmental of the author's faith. But she herself, when her Jewish boyfriend remarked on the amount of preaching about Jesus at her church, countered that for her faith is more of "a meditation on the bigger picture within a welcoming community upholding lovely traditions." Which reminded me irresistibly of Dorothy L. Sayers' take on the rich young ruler of Scripture: READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Why Liberalism Needs Christianity

    A friend on Facebook made light of the latest attempt by liberal journalists to pretend that all world religions really teach the same, basic idea, which is to love people and tolerate them. Particularly with regard to Islam, Western liberals have become accustomed to repeating this bromide, and doing so with special vigor in the wake of a suicide bombing, beheading, or other jihad-related atrocity.

    It reminded me of Timothy Keller's remarks in "The Reason for God," in which he describes liberalism as a kind of deracinated Christianity. I think he's right.
  • In the Pro-Life Shadows

    Nine years ago, my friend Julie suffered a terrible tragedy. One of the twins she was carrying—a little boy—died when his cord twisted around his neck. There was nothing for anyone to do at that point but wait. Julie carried her daughter several weeks more and then delivered both children, one struggling but alive and the other dead.

    Even nine years later, the anniversary of Leyton’s death is a difficult day in the Neils household. Julie still feels her grief as on that first day. It may not be as raw, but it is just as real. I am always delighted to see her Facebook posts when she and her family release blue butterflies in Leyton’s honor. But I grieve with her, too. It’s a wordless but prayerful grief.

    As pro-lifers, we care about those babies that frightened women can’t imagine bringing to term. We pray over and plead for them to change their minds to give these little ones a chance at life. We rightly mourn the deaths of 55 million babies killed in the womb since 1973.

    But how do we honor and cherish those babies lost through miscarriage?
  • New Planned Parenthood Footage Describes Illegal Partial-Birth Procedure

    In a new video interview with Live Action's Lila Rose, David Daleidan of the Center for Medical Progress shares some previously unreleased footage. In this video, Dr. Amna Dermish of Planned Parenthood of Greater Texas describes some of her abortion procedures in chilling detail, including her efforts to get an intact head -- efforts that, Daleidan points out, very definitely cross the line into illegality.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Digital Kells

    Thomas Cahill tells the story of how the Irish saved civilization in his book of the same name. The monastic movement that started in the deserts of Africa in the fourth century migrated northward to Ireland, where small communities of monks painstakingly copied hundreds of manuscripts. Laboring in obscurity, they preserved many of our Western classics, which would have otherwise been lost.

    One of these manuscripts was made available online in its entirety in 2013. The Book of Kells showcases the best of manuscript illumination and is a true global treasure. Featuring the four Gospels, the Book of Kells is 680 exquisite pages long. I just spent half an hour poring over it, but one could easily get lost for days, weeks, or months in there. It’s enough to make one want to learn Latin.

    By contrast, I got an e-mail this morning in which a friend rejoiced at playing Rock Band 3 for more than 10 hours over the weekend. At least when the apocalypse happens and we lose all electronic data, someone will still be able to knock out the drum portions of Metallica’s entire library.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • Dumber and Dumberer

    Twenty-four years ago, C. John Sommerville of the University of Florida wrote an essay in First Things entitled “Why the News Makes Us Dumb.” (It was later turned into a book.) Writing before the advent of the Internet and long before the emergence of social media, Sommerville said that news had become “a product, and the truth of the News product is not a characteristic essential to it.” This was especially true because the process of selling news on a “daily basis” could not be accomplished without “reducing the importance of its context.”

    I can only imagine what Sommerville makes of Twitter. What I make of it and the current media environment is that if newspapers and CNN made us dumb, the newer stuff makes us dumber and dumberer.

    The reason for this “get off my lawn!” diatribe is yet one more instance of someone citing the Pope’s “Who am I to judge?” comment. Liberals and conservatives agree on little, but they do agree that this comment signals something about Pope Francis’ commitment (or lack thereof) to Catholic teaching about sexual morality.

    They’re wrong. READ FULL ARTICLE »

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  • Planned Parenthood Uncut

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