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  • Warts and All

    It's a question that Christians perpetually struggle with, and one for which there's no hard-and-fast answer: How should we respond to artists we like who promote views we don't like? There are all kinds of ways of handling the issue, but I like Dr. Brian Mattson's method: writing a positive review of a U2 concert at one site, lambasting the band's stance on same-sex marriage at another, and then tweeting links to both of them together. This "warts and all" sort of approach is a good demonstration of the idea that we can disagree with people -- even vehemently -- and still appreciate their talents and abilities.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • The Trickle-Down Effect

    Does the political leadership of a country affect that country's views on social issues like abortion? Recent Gallup poll data suggests that it might, according to this analysis from HotAir.READ FULL ARTICLE »
  • More Monkey Business

    Let's just consider the title of this article for a moment: "Judge Ponders Whether Chimps Should Get Same Right as Humans." What’s going on here?
  • We Like Mayhem

    Today, the movie "San Andreas" hits theaters nationwide. A film that IMDb classifies as "action/drama/thriller," this latest Dwayne Johnson flick looks like it will deliver its fair share of collapsing buildings, flooded cities, and other life-threatening situations. Just by watching the trailers, and looking at the PG-13 rating for "intense disaster action and mayhem throughout." I can tell that it's going to be another intense ride for moviegoers. No sex scenes. Just pure action. This is definitely a movie that my family and I will enjoy.

    Hold on a moment. I just said "enjoy." Should I be disturbed by the idea of "enjoying" this? Isn't there something kind of strange about this generation's obsession with with "disaster action and mayhem"?
  • Permanent Things

    As I hinted in a previous post, conservatism and Christianity are fundamentally united in the biblical worldview. This unity stems from Genesis 1.

    When God created the world, He created it with order and with purpose. Genesis 1 is chock-full of examples of God's meticulous design of the universe and of His care to bring organization to His works. He created things in categories (light, darkness, sky, land, sea), and He created the creatures and plants according to various, distinct kinds (livestock, crawling things, birds, creatures of the sea). He created male and female.
  • Guarding Children's Hearts

    There is some sickening, yet unsurprising, news out of Ireland. Children at Risk in Ireland (CARI) reports that calls to its national helpline in relation to rape and sexual assault “show an overall 43% increase over the [past] three years.” Many of these involve children and teens perpetrating sexual assault on their peers.

    CARI CEO Mary Flaherty said: “The increase is very significant and is a marked shift and we believe that access to pornography and the unrealistic expectations involved with that are contributing, along with general hyper-sexualisation in the media and video games.”
  • Signs of Spring

    Have you thought much about heaven recently? If you're like me, the topic comes to mind every once and a while, but thoughts of heaven usually fall into the category of thoughts about the distant future. Heaven is a reality to you, but it's something far away from where you are now. It's a beautiful thought, but it's something that brilliant wordsmiths like Dante fantasize about in their poetry. It doesn't have much to do with where you are right here and right now. You're just glad that you're going there and not to--the other place.

    Reading Josh Ross and Jonathan Storment's May 20 article at FaithStreet, however, reminded me to double check my perspective of heaven.
  • Worth a Thousand Words

    Adam Ford's cartoon "The 'death of Christianity' in America" sums up today's BreakPoint commentary very nicely!

    (H/T Ellen Mandeville)READ FULL ARTICLE »

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