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A How-To Guide to Shooting Heroin -- Finally!

In New York City, the Department of Health has sparked controversy and outrage by spending more than $32,000 on 70,000 pamphlets that show addicts how to properly heat heroin, find a vein, inject it, and find and discard needles appropriately. The city claims this move is aimed at decreasing infections of HIV and other diseases by heroin addicts.

I wish I could say I am surprised, but given the “public health” measures in sex education, which also claim to reduce disease and increase public health, I'd expect nothing less. Instead of deterring bad behavior, people with this mentality choose to assume the worst in human nature and reduce our self-control to that of purely pleasure-seeking animals. The city, and some in the public health field, claim the pamphlet does not encourage the use of illegal drugs, but instead just shows people how to take them safely if they do choose to partake. But others, such as special agents from the DEA and NYC Councilmen, stand firmly against the pamphlets.

If the heroin pamphlet idea makes you sick—and it should—then we must understand that any bad idea policy idea that does not get squashed by our elected officials, and those that they appoint, gets replicated in other places. When “sex without consequences” advocates started converting people to their unethical ideology, some brushed it aside and dismissed it. This how-to guide on heroin injection is a byproduct of such apathy.

Rumor has it that next week NYC will come out with a how-to guide for arsonists. Severe burns from igniting combustibles are a growing problem, and instructions would likewise increase public health.  Sounds ludicrous, does it not? Well, it is—it's just a joke. I made it up. But it makes about as much sense as the real pamphlet. 

Rather than investing money in deterring criminal, immoral, and deadly behavior, NYC has instructed people on how to commit crime and self-destructive behavior “by the book.” When fighting evil, we must understand that each and every battle is important. Because when you lose one battle, other battles are likely lost before they even happen.
  • The Essence of Christianity

    The apostle James wrote that the essence of Christianity—that which epitomizes “pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father”—is to care for “orphans and widows in their distress.” (James 1:27, NASB)

    Babies aborted are “orphans” in the truest sense of the word, for they have been abandoned, by those entrusted to care for them, to the uttermost, even to death. The sheer number who have been led to slaughter with virtually no opposition even by churches who call themselves pro-life ought to give us pause before we conclude what we have been practicing is, in the sight of God, “pure and undefiled religion.”

    As to where James came up with his definition of Christianity—divine inspiration, to be sure. But it also appears he knew his Bible:
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  • Friends? With him!?

    Christians love everyone, right?

    Our entire faith is built on the principle that God loves mankind for no other reason than because of who He is. It has nothing to do with us or anything we could ever accomplish. We love because He first loved us. That’s the kind of love we are called to have for one another.

    However, what I see in many Christians, and the way they interact with non-believers . . . well, frankly, it scares me. There is an attitude that exists that is not biblically supported, and frankly is damaging to those who may be seeking (or not yet seeking) Christ in their own lives.
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    Ed Stetzer has a new interview with them in Christianity Today about their new book, "Same-Sex Marriage: A Thoughtful Approach to God's Design for Marriage." Here's a sample:
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    This is one of those articles that make your heart sink into your stomach out of sheer despair for the human race (especially if you go on to read the comment section, which, these days, is almost never a good idea).
  • One 'Weird Old Tip' on the Victorious Christian Life

    It's easy to make the mistake of assuming holiness comes by making holiness our highest aspiration, by seeking it above all else. After all, the Bible does say that he who seeks finds. But there is a right and a wrong way to go about practically anything, even holiness. Israel, for example, did not attain righteousness by seeking righteousness (Rom 9:31). In like manner, we do not attain holiness by seeking holiness in and of itself. We attain holiness by seeking Christ.

    Lest that become one more clever-sounding, but empty, platitude, let me briefly explain how it works. Then I'll point you to an excellent essay describing several ways it does NOT work.
  • PKs under pressure

    Ed Stetzer at Christianity Today has an interesting new interview with Barnabas Piper, son of John Piper and author of the new book "The Pastor's Kid: Finding Your Own Faith and Identity." Barnabas offers a well-balanced perspective on the challenges of being a PK: "I am 31 years old with a family of my own, and I still get held to a standard when people meet me and expect me to be something reflective of my dad. I still get responses to my writing wondering what my daddy would say if he read it. I can’t really escape it, so I just have to come to terms with and not resent my dad because of it."

    I've recently finished reading his book myself, in fact, and I found this quote from the interview representative of the wisdom, honesty, and grace he displays there. The tone of the book can be a little edgy at times, but as the subtitle suggests, the overarching purpose is redemptive: to help his fellow PKs reach a place where their faith is genuinely their own and they're at peace with God, themselves, their families, and their churches. Highly recommended.READ FULL ARTICLE »
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