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Just when you think the Chik-fil-A story can't get any more bizarre, the Muppets cut ties with them. So I guess now conservative Christians are supposed to avoid the Muppets. But I'm not going to, and I'll tell you why.

The truth is, I'm tired. I'm tired of everything in this culture being politicized. I'm tired of dueling boycotts (liberals avoid Chik-fil-A, conservatives stay away from Starbucks). I'm extremely tired of the fact that I can't go online and read about my favorite TV shows, or about figure skating, or about Broadway musicals, or about pretty much any of my other interests without repeatedly getting slapped across the face with a glove (so to speak) by various commenters who feel the need to drag religious and political controversies into everything. I'm tired of it all. And I don't want to be like that. As a Christian, I intend to exercise my freedom in Christ to eat what I want, and drink what I want, and go where I want, and shine the light of Christ wherever I happen to be, even if my ideological opponents -- or my ideological comarades -- don't happen to think I should be there.

Jonathan Merritt got it right when he wrote in The Atlantic, "In a nation that's as divided as ours is, do we really want our commercial lives and our political lives to be so wholly intermeshed? And is this really the kind of culture we want to create? . . . In a society that desperately needs healthy public dialogue, we must resist creating a culture where consumers sort through all their purchases (fast food and otherwise) for an underlying politics not even expressed in the nature of the product itself."

The Muppets are for kids -- and for the kid in all of us, if you'll pardon the cliché. They're meant to bring laughter and nostalgia and good feelings in general. The last thing anyone should do is politicize them, or use them to marginalize those who have different beliefs from the people who run the Henson Company. So even though that's just what the Henson Company is trying to do, I refuse to follow suit.

Sorry, Muppets, but you're not losing me as a fan. Deal with it.


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Kelvin, I'm on your wavelength
My very first reaction to this question was: "Yeah, but they started it!" And then I felt foolish. Mostly, I'm enjoying my second childhood, but not when I start acting and sounding like a second-grade student! While it's true that these businesses could have kept their charity contributions to themselves, they chose not to. Why? So they could generate a political furor. Well, they have, and if they don't like the results, they have only themselves to blame. I, too, am weary of all the politization, but if they want to bring it on, I'm ready. I'll boycott the bejeepers out of anyone who wants to use my resources for anything I oppose! To me, it's a stewardship issue. In that light, I WILL NOT give in or give up.
Good point
Kevin V wrote: "Just as foolish, however, is this SB notion that any business they patronize has to have a 100% clean record; clean by the standards of the SB, that is. Just the research necessary to make sure your money never, somewhere down the line, makes it to a cause you don't believe in is too much to take on, not to mention impossible."

This in fact is how some of the cities in California tie their own hands, by refusing to do business with this business or that nation, or a business which also has locations in that nation, etc.

As you note, the PC landscape has unseen land-mines just about everywhere.
Who started it?
As I write that subject line, I feel like I'm on a playground, and frankly a lot of this boycott stuff does feel childish. But boycotts have a long history, dating back long before Christian concerns about Planned Parenthood. Again, though, there's a difference between a direct boycott, like the Montgomery Bus Boycott or the Last Temptation of Christ, and a secondary boycott like Christians targeting supporters of Planned Parenthood or gay activists targeting supporters of Proposition 8. Sometimes, though, the line gets blurry: in the 1930s, there was a boycott of German goods as an anti-Nazi effort, though not all German exporters were Nazis. Regarding Sunday, I would say there's a major difference between boycotting Store X (at all times) because it's open Sunday and simply not shopping on Sunday, which many Christians would consider a part of Sabbath observance. (Anyone who avoids all stores that open on Sunday is going to have a hard time finding a place to buy groceries in my neck of the woods...)

There are lots of easily offended people in our society on all points of the political and religious spectrums, and I don't think you can assign responsibility in any one quarter. But Gina's plea, which I agree with, is for all of us to stand down.
I agree
Gina, I agree with what you said. Lee, Quiet rebellion many times is the most appropriate. There are times when speaking out is best but, too often, it simply becomes another shrill reaction in a politically- charged cultural battleground. I have an idea: why not quietly rebel by recovering our minds from being hijacked by cultural elitists, advertisers and much of the media by refusing to accept their insistence that we mirror their values (or lack of them). After all, sometimes the best response to ignorance is found in its root word.
LeeQuod, I'm proud of you. Quiet rebellion is a beautiful thing . . . and quiet rebellion that involves the Swedish Chef reaches previously unimagined levels of awesomeness.

Anthony . . . sort of. :-) You've got the title right -- but the line I was thinking of ("Do you want brown sandwiches or green sandwiches?") is from the movie of the same name. And yes, I know it's disgusting. Sorry.
A true story
Tonight after work, away from home, I found myself hungry. In my smartphone I found , and drove myself to the nearest entry.

As I waited in line, I quietly sang to myself (I'm a rebel, but I'm not disruptive about it) "Yorn, desh born, der rit, de gitt der gue,
Orn desh, dee born desh, de umn. Børk! Børk! Børk!" and wondered if DtS had ever had the PFM gang over to his place for barbecued chicken.

When my turn came (and it wasn't long, since the staff was hard-working and extremely attentive), I was warmly and personally greeted by a young lady who took my order with care and helped me navigate the menu. As she and one of her colleagues filled my order, I reflexively thanked them for each part - some Southern manners have rubbed off on me, thanks to friends - and every time they replied "My pleasure!" in a way that told me it was not mere reflex from training; they actually *meant* it.

As I sat eating my delicious grilled chicken sandwich, cole slaw and sweet tea, watching the staff come from behind the counter to serve seated patrons and clean up, I wondered if "boycott" has an antonym (apparently it's "patronize", in the meaning that the word had before political correctness co-opted it), and I thought "If this is what hateful bigotry looks like, then I find myself in favor of it."
"...the only food at hand – which, sadly, was neither chicken nor cookies, but rather (aughh, I can hardly say it now) stale bread and faintly greening sandwich meat. With the result that now I’m full of baloney."
-That is tragic. You may want to hit up Giant at some point or make your way to the closest Pizza Hut at least...
If I promise you I didn't cheat...aka use Google..
...would you be referring to a certain character in the hit classic TV series "The Odd Couple?"

-Make mine sugar-frosted if I'm correct.
...I think we (the church) started this, with values-based (though generally ineffective) boycotts of this business or that one for supporting Planned Parenthood or taking Christ out of Christmas or maybe for being open for business on Sunday or perhaps for failing to offer TestaMints at the register. It's almost always been for something completely unrelated to the actual business in question.
Just don't research the Olive Garden before you go, Anthony. It's possible that somebody connected to it once said or did something that someone didn't like. ;-)

There's something I have wondered about the serial boycotters (SB, for the duration of this post). Do they handle their personal relationships the same way? If a friend expresses an opinion or makes a donation that an SB doesn't approve of, does the SB end the friendship?

Obviously, if the friend did something way out of line and completely unacceptable by any reasonable standard, that would be a different matter. But I'm talking about a difference of opinion on a current issue. Does disagreement mean the relationship is over?

When reasonable people disagree and are at a stalemate, they simply agree to disagree. They don't go nuts and call it quits and badmouth each other. Is that true of the SB?

Certainly, buying a specific product that is specifically designed to support something specific you don't believe in would be foolish. Just as foolish, however, is this SB notion that any business they patronize has to have a 100% clean record; clean by the standards of the SB, that is. Just the research necessary to make sure your money never, somewhere down the line, makes it to a cause you don't believe in is too much to take on, not to mention impossible.

I think that's part of what Gina was getting at, and what at least one person doesn't understand. This state of hyper-vigilance that some expect us to live in leads to little more than fatigue. A person simply cannot maintain both that and sanity.

By the way, Anthony, just to follow up on my little joke at the beginning, I quickly did a search and immediately saw that just in the last few years the Olive Garden has been the subject of boycotts for (among other reasons): pulling its ads on David Letterman's show in response to Sarah Palin supporters; not allowing a Kiwanis club to hang a flag on a wall for a banquet there; listening to the First Lady and adding healthy options; allegedly discriminating against a Muslim job applicant; contributing to the Republican Party; contributing to Planned Parenthood; and on and on and on.

This is what the ideologically pure SB is faced with: Google can give you a reason to not patronize ANYBODY.
Yikes, Rolley, you poor thing. Was Oscar Madison making the sandwiches?

(A figurative cookie to whoever gets the reference.)
Thanks, Anthony
But I’m afraid your invitation is approximately 2 hours too late. I hate to say it but I capitulated to the aforementioned hunger pangs almost immediately and feasted on the only food at hand – which, sadly, was neither chicken nor cookies, but rather (aughh, I can hardly say it now) stale bread and faintly greening sandwich meat. With the result that now I’m full of baloney.

Agreed, Rolley...
...all this bickering is making me hungry. Sadly, our lone KFC shut down last month, so there's only one other option for a yummy chicken sandwich with provolone (86 the pickles) around here. Sigh...

But tonight, I'm feeling frisky. It feels like an Olive Garden kind of evening.

As for cookies, I'm well-stocked with a package of Wegmans chocolate chip minis...feel like coming by for dessert? I've got milk! :D
I’m Getting Hungry for a Chicken Sandwich
And a cooooookie.

Did I just go off topic? I don’t think so.
I'm saying, be civil. Period.
My Tone???
Ms. Gina Dalfonzo:
What tone would that be?
So you are saying "I" insulted your friend?
I couldn't say that I'm missing Brother Coloson without being told he would have nothing to do with me & I'm insulting people? REALLY? {:-)
Blessings & Peace to your homes!!!
I didn't get to finish my thought because for some reason the screen changed and I was back on the home page.

I was going to say that I'm tired of hearing or it being assumed that there is some kind of moral equivalence, that Christians or conservatives are just as disrespectful and hateful as the lefties. They are not. Are they/we perfect? Of course not, but the poison doesn't come from our side. Witness the debate over re-defining marriage. Not even close.
On one thing I think we can all agree: My place in heaven is due to no merit of mine. Though I thank those who spoke up on my behalf.

As for Chuck Colson, he is at peace with his Savior. Suppose we leave him that way, rather than dragging him into arguments about what he would or wouldn't have done or said.

Finally, Kenneth, please modulate your tone in accordance with site rules. There's no reason you can't make your points without insulting people. Thanks for your cooperation.
We Will Not Leave Our Faith at the Temple Door
Anthony Loreno:
You are correct, I did confuse your comment with Gina's when I said:
"stand against Chick fil-A, and tell all your friends not to go there in a heartbeat", And for that,
Gina: I humbly ask for your forgiveness, for you did not say that.
Your stance to stand by the muppets regardless is still a concern, but I do not have a heaven or Hell to put anyone in, so I will leave that in the hands of the Lord.
Now Mr. Loreno: your statement of
".I think I can safely assert that if I were Chuck Colson (although I never met him in person) I certainly wouldn't associate myself with you." "REALLY?"
How many ways is that un-Christ-like?
The mere fact that you could place your mouth on such a statement seems to say you feel you are above us all. So how can you actually say what another man would or wouldn't do?
The word of God tells us:
But I say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you;(Matthew 5:44)
So if we are to do good to those who hate us, why wouldn't Brother Colson being the man of God that he was, that followed & did not compromise on the teachings of Christ. Why would he even entertain the thought of "not" associating with the likes of me?
Because "YOU" said so?
Then as you continued to show your massive ego you actually said: " if anyone has a special place in Heaven reserved for them, it's Gina."
So now you are God? You're contending not only is she going to Heaven, but she has a "SPECIAL PLACE"?
That would mean that God is a respecter of persons which the word of God says he is not, (2 Chronicles 19:7, Acts 10:34, Romans 2:11).
No one has been Judge yet except the son of perdition. (John 17:12) Who has already been lost, but the rest of us do not know at all, for judgement is given unto Christ alone.(John 5:22)
Then to end your insulting commentary you again Usurped your authority in saying:
"-I imagine that if he's reading your comment right now, he's most likely rolling his eyes - or rolling over in his grave.". My God man, your imagination has completely left the building. The way the Lord taught it, "Love" is an action word! Not just saying we love the lord, but letting our light shine in everything we do.(Matthew 5:16) You see many people are in self deception, assuming & inserting that they love the Lord, except when it conflict with what they feel, like, or want to do.
This people draweth nigh unto me with their mouth, and honoureth me with their lips; but their heart is far from me.
(Matthew 15:8)
Why? No action, taking a stance of a lukewarm Christian straddling the fence of commitment. Knowing one needs to be saved, but still desiring the things of the world.
The word of God tells us that: He that loveth father or mother more than me is not worthy of me: and he that loveth son or daughter more than me is not worthy of me. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me." (Matthew 10:37-38)
So if I have to give up Mom, & the children, if they are not standing with & following Christ, I defiantly will not continue to stand by, or patronize with the producers of the muppets, who have drawn the line in the sand & have chosen their side. Much like you have standing with Gina with her stance to continue to stand by the muppets. I could not in good conscious, stand by the muppets and/or their producers to continue to watch & patronize them, than I can vote for Obama in the up coming election who has done the exact same thing in siding with the homosexual's who say the word of God is wrong & they are right concerning same sex marriages. But your appalling & bullying comment says more than you realize.
But I am striving to be on the Lord's side, & I still will not leave my faith at the temple door!
Peace to your homes!!!
What precisely do Bert and Ernie have to come out from and if they did why should they come out?
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