When a Cruise Becomes a Nightmare

Carnival Cruise can't catch a break. You might remember the scandalous accident of the Costa Concordia; that ship is still partially submerged.

This past Sunday evening, a fire broke out in the engine room aboard Carnival Triumph. The ship is powerless, which means no steering, no air conditioning, and no toilets. The boat is being pushed back to port. Needless to say, this adventure has taken a nightmarish turn for both passengers and crew.

I'm sure the crew is doing their best to ensure the safety and welfare of passengers, and are trying to mitigate the effects of the loss of power. But instead of being grateful that no one was harmed, the ship isn't sinking, and help is available, according to news reports, some of the passengers have become hysterical.

This is where we need some strong Christian passengers to step up to the proverbial plate and do what we do best: Help the crew by dispensing hope and encouragement among their fellow passengers.



My youngest daughter is about to complete her cruise, in the same area, at the same time, but on a different cruise line. When she originally decided to go, she was skeptical as my wife and I insisted that the choice of cruise line was massively important.

She'll return to a chorus of told-ya-sos.

On CNN here in the airport, they just interviewed a guy who was fair to everyone, and stayed upbeat - while not disagreeing with those who are angry. So some people appear to have behaved as you recommend, Kim. Dunno if this guy's a Christian, but he has the right attitude.

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