Of Metaxas and Colson

The Washington Post has Sarah Pulliam Bailey's fascinating new interview with Eric Metaxas. Among other things, they talk about Eric's background, the impact on his life of Wilberforce and Bonhoeffer, his upcoming projects, and how he is and isn't like Chuck Colson.


On living outside the box
“I’ve given myself permission to be broad,” Metaxas said. -- I really appreciate this. Often people try to conform themselves to the group they're a part of, but God has designed us uniquely. It reminds me of C.S. Lewis' speech/essay called, "The Inner Ring" in which Lewis advises young graduates not to seek to fit in to the "inner ring" but be uniquely themselves. By the way, isn't it hard to summarize Lewis...

I also appreciate John Lewis' comment about Metaxas and evangelicals: "He’s not this one-sided predictable figure. The same is true of evangelicals as a whole.” While there should be several key distinctives of evangelicals such as our view of Scripture as it applies to all of our lives, there are many differences. How we respect and honor one another's differences should be a distinctive as well.

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