Book giveaway for your teens and tweens
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If you read this morning's BreakPoint commentary, you saw that we're doing another giveaway! To promote our "Authors We Like" list at Youth Reads, we're giving away three books by authors on that list. All you have to do is a leave a comment on this post -- or here, or here, or here, or here -- and you'll be entered in our drawing, which takes place tomorrow (Friday) at 5 p.m. Three winners will be chosen and notified, and asked to send us their addresses so we can send out their books.

As for which books they'll be . . . let us surprise you!

Good luck!


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bless you
i'm thrilled to find this site. my daughter loves to read but it's tough to find books written from a biblical world view. i tell my daughter all the time she should write her own.
I would love to give away one of your books to my jr high youth group students
Thank you
I work in the library of a small Christian elementary and jr. high school. I appreciate the Youth Reads book reviews. They are helpful in selecting enjoyable and appropriate books for our students.
With my grandchildren entering the tween years, I am always looking for books that will engage and inspire them. Grandmas can be a little out of touch (or so I hear) so I really appreciate the Youth Reads newsletter.
Glad I was referred to this website by my sister, was looking for a book for my 12 yr old and she heard about this website on a christian radio station and relayed it to me, great stuff! Thanks!
Quality books
I am so glad my mother-in-law just connected me with this website...what a valuable resource!!!
Whenever I come across the interesting books, I always spend much time in reading, admiring pictures and diggest it into my mind.

I really love this site because I have been learning alot. I encourage them to do more research so that this site shall be the best of it kind.

Pease extend the new book to me.
Thank you.
youth reads
My girls love to read. My oldest is even thinking about becoming a writer.
I refer to this list frequently.
My kids are such avid readers; I have a hard time keeping up. So grateful for this resource to help me help them make good choices in their reading.
We've been reading your suggestions for a year or so now! My son really enjoyed The Hypnotist. Looking forward to other good reads too! Thanks for this ministry.
youth giveaway
I have just started looking for books for my daughter and son to read thank you for all the books that you write about.
Books! Books! Books!
I used Chuck Colson's reading list beginning maybe 15 years ago when my kids were 5, 6, and 15 years old. As a mom I was encouraged to use the library and help my kids each find a "reading buddy." My husband and I love the books you suggest. He pulled Os Guiness' book, "A Free People's Suicide" off the shelf recently and is communicating what's important in regards to enjoying our freedoms nowadays. Thanks for your recommended books feature. As a wife, mom, and teacher I am grateful for my sake and for those I love. Blessings to you all.
That's great to hear, Tpat! I hope she enjoys it!
Just bought one off the list!
I always appreciate recommendations for quality reads. Just sent "Nobody's Secret" to my daughter for her bday.
Thanks for your book reviews and suggestions. I read a lot of youth fiction as I try to find good stories for our 15 and 12yo boys to read. They are good readers and finding books that interest them and we are happy for them to read can be a challenge.
youth reads
We LOVE books in our family! Thanks for an opportunity to win one of our favorite things.
So happy to find teen book reviews from a Christian perspective! Very helpful! I shelve books at our local library and am often appalled at what is marketed to teens these days. Your reviews help SO much!
We just recently found your site and are looking forward to using your recommendations for our daughter. This giveaway would be a great start. Thanks.
Youth Reads
I am always looking for good books for my reluctant reader. Thanks for the reviews!
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