Failing Saeed

In the recently concluded talks between the United States and Iran, something very important was ignored: the fate of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini.


This incident and others like it over the past few years have caused me to reconsider where I am willing to go for work. There are some countries where colleagues have gone even recently, but I refuse because it's obvious my safety won't necessarily be defended anymore. A job just isn't worth the risk.

I think about the foreign missionaries I know, and how it's not simply the sacrifice of the American lifestyle but the very real possibility of imprisonment, torture and death that they and their families are willing to accept for the sake of the Gospel. I am all the more blessed by them and their example.

Clearly with Pastor Saeed we need not our government, but a miracle. I'm praying for one.
I have written about this to both of my Senators and my Congresswoman. (And yes, I am sometimes known for my naïveté.)

Thank you for the link, Gina. I have also sent the ACLJ petition to two of my brothers, and one signed it immediately.
I immediately thought of James 2:13: “For he shall have judgment without mercy, that hath shewed no mercy;”. ACLJ reported that signatures on their recent petition for Saeed (delivered to the State Department) were the fastest/highest in their history.

And yet.

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