Colson Center highlights discussions on eugenics

Update 1/15/14: We have put video players for the NRB Shows #7 and Show #8 on our NRB page. These two shows deal with the question: "What Does it Mean to be Human?"  During the month of January, we have a number of special articles dealing with "Life" issues and are making these videos available for you.  You can also see a sample of the show, if you have not seen it yet.
Go directly to the video player for show #7.

The treatment of children with special needs and challenges is worsening. There is a real possibility, with increased central control over medical resources, that care for the aged and the infirm will be diminished. "Genetic engineering" and other bio-technology trends are increasing the pressure to "clean up the gene pool." Selective abortion (already practiced in a number of countries such as China) and other means of curtailing unwanted births based on genetics are a growing practice in the U.S. The euthanasia debate is again rearing its head. 

In short, we are facing an increasing crisis in our understanding of human life itself -- what it is, where it originates and what it means. The older idea of the infinite value of a single human being, regardless of perfections or imperfections in their body, seems to be fading.

The Colson Center and BreakPoint are publishing some important content on these subjects during the first part of 2014. A number of BreakPoint commentaries, and a new DVD series (and Re:Series) called "In His Image," are in the works. Watch for these.

To help set the stage for these discussions, I'd also like to encourage you to tune in to our "Worldview from the Colson Center" TV show on the NRB network. On January 13 and 20, we air two parts of a discussion Chuck Colson chaired on the subject "What Does It Mean To Be Human?" This is the fourth session in the Doing The Right Thing series shot at Princeton and released in 2011. The shows dig deep into the underlying philosophy behind eugenics and some of the recent issues I mentioned.

Check out the information page to find out how to view the two 30-minute shows. If you have DirecTV or Roku, you can watch live at 8:30 PM on Monday nights. You can also watch the shows streamed at the same time on the NRB Network Web site.  It is possible that we might also post these two shows (#7 and #8) for on-demand viewing on our website. If we do, that information will be posted on the page.


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