A Baby Charged with Murder

Little nine-month-old Mohammad Musa Khan is being charged with attempted murder in a Pakistani court.

While the reporter said the story shines the light on a dysfunctional justice system, which it does, a more accurate way of writing the story would have been to couch it in terms of good and evil, as in "charging a nine-month-old with murder is an evil miscarriage of justice."

Wherever the evil one has a foothold,so people set their sights on killing the little ones or weak and helpless people. And since the law of God is written on all our hearts, the people of Pakistan do know the difference between good and evil.

God have mercy on this family.


It's more than just dysfunctional justice system at fault here.

It's a dysfunctional society that would even countenance something so ridiculous as to charge a 9-month-old child with murder.
He looks a lot bigger than 9 months; he's standing on his own in the video. But his exact age makes no difference to the monstrosity of charging him. Even if he had tried to hit the policeman, no civilized society would hold a preschooler criminally liable for anything. As if anything he could do would hurt more than a mosquito bite?

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