A Triumph on the Triumph

The other day, I reported that Carnival Triumph was stranded and many passengers became upset, and in some cases hysterical. I also told you that I was hoping that the Christians who were on board would do what Christians do best in a stressful time: dispense hope and give comfort.

I am happy to report that Reverend Wendell Gill did just that. Along with offering prayer and encouragement, he and others helped the elderly and infirm. At the end, he was shepherding a group of 200!


Correction Cutty Sark was a clipper not a linner. But it was the longest living one of her species. But at least it wasn't Sovereign of the Seas.
I'll have to keep that in mind if I ever go on a cruise, Jason. I'll ask for a ship named Passable or Tolerable.

Reminds me of that old SNL spoof of the Smuckers commercials. They came up with terrible names for their jellies, in order to demonstrate how marvelous they were.
According to legend it is bad luck to give to grand a name to a ship. That has never been applied to warships, liners, or clippers. Though it is notable that the longest living liner was named Cutty Sark(nightskirt, from a mildly bawdy fairy tale which the owner was fond of).

Given the fate of Titanic and now Carnival Triumph(sheesh, what is a passenger ship doing parading through the gates of Rome?) one might wonder. Of course Costa Concordia just means "peaceful coast" which doesn't sound to ostentatious-unless it implies the ability to control the weather.

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