Not an April Fool

Though it feels as if it should be:

"Papal feet washing sparks fears over women priests"

Isn't it a bit of a leap from washing their feet to ordaining them?


An Act of Humility
I hope I'm not the only one disturbed by the reaction of some Roman Catholic clerics to the Pope's gesture of humility and genderless compassion. Unlike other human institutions the church leadership should be first in servanthood and in the giving arts.

While pomp and ceremony does make a feast for the eye the expression of Christlike compassion helps heal the planet and inspire other acts of agape love.

Bravo to the Pope and may his example cause other Christian leaders to get down in the trenches with the rest of us and get their hands dirty.
I recently saw a picture of him doing the foot washing back in Argentina. It was a wider shot, and the youths seemed stunned by what was happening. I'd like to think at least some of them experienced a profound impact and even transformation.
It's a terribly slippery slope, Gina: first you talk with one while she's getting water, and then you let one wash your feet with her tears and dry them with your hair, and next thing you know, they're the first ones to see you when you've resurrected.

How're ya gonna keep 'em from handing out the elements and granting absolution, after all that?

Gotta love how everything's political anymore. But I suppose it gives the liberal press something to do with their time, by engaging in speculation like this.

My favorite part is the photo, though: I suspect he isn't kissing the foot of a woman (in spite of the false meme about the shaving habits of the French).

Do young offenders in other countries get honored like this by their leadership? E.g., has President Obama publicly given out recognition to some? Or the president of some other country?
"How can the pope maintain discipline in the church if he himself does not conform himself to prevailing ecclesiastical legislation?"

The father should conform to prevailing desires of the children?
Now, that's a fine way to have discipline in a family...
Ostentatious foot washing is well within the Catholic tradition. Where do newspaper writers get their ideas?

And why shouldn't all priests be men? Tradition and aesthetics are perfectly valid criteria for a job whose main function is carrying out a ritual. Isn't that like complaining because people who aren't decended from bloodthirsty Odin-worshiping warlords can't be Queen of England?
Where DID that idea come from?
Speaking of 'A Bit of a Leap' . . . .
Dorcas: Happy April Fool's Day, hon.
Nimrod: Thanks, I guess.
Dorcas: Why 'I guess'?
Nimrod: I don't know. It just seems a little weird to wish someone a happy April Fool's Day.
Dorcas: Well, you know what they say, Nimrod: it's the thought that counts.
Nimrod: Yeah, well that's just what I'm afraid of. What exactly is 'the thought' we're talking about here?
Dorcas: I guess just that you would have a nice day.
Nimrod: Then why not just wish me a nice day? Why wish me a happy April Fool's Day?
Dorcas: Because, you know, today is April Fool's Day.
Nimrod: Still.
Dorcas: How else would you celebrate it?
Nimrod: Why celebrate it at all?
Dorcas: Because everybody celebrates April Fool's Day.
Nimrod: I don't.
Dorcas: Well, maybe you should.
Nimrod: Give me one good reason.
Dorcas: Because it's lighthearted.
Nimrod: I can be lighthearted without being an April Fool.
Dorcas: Well, you don't have to be an April Fool. Any kind of fool can celebrate April Fool's Day.
Nimrod: What are you trying to tell me, Dorcas?
Dorcas: What I mean is, anyone can be goofy on any day, but April 1 is the day that everyone can be goofy all at once.
Nimrod: Seems to me we already do that on the other 364 days. Seems to me what we really need is, I don't know, an April Prig's Day or something, not an April Fool's Day.
Dorcas: Oh Nimrod, lighten up.
Nimrod: I might – if somebody would give me one good reason.
Dorcas: How about we meet halfway?
Nimrod: Huh?
Dorcas: You know, I do something silly and you do something serious – to celebrate the day.
Nimrod: Didn't we just do that?
Dorcas: I know what we could do: the Pope just washed some women's feet. My silly thing could be to ask you to wash mine, and your serious thing could be to do it.
Nimrod: Won't work.
Dorcas: Why not?
Nimrod: Those are both silly things.
Dorcas: Oh Nimrod.
Nimrod: But since you did something silly, I'll do something serious. I'll give you my favorite “fool” quote, which just happens to be serious. That ought to make everybody here happy so we can get on with our lives.
Dorcas: My, but we're in a mood today.
Nimrod: The referenced quote: “He is no fool who gives what he cannot keep to gain what he cannot lose.”
Dorcas: That's very nice, Nimrod. But . . .
Nimrod: 'But . . .'?
Dorcas: But by being deadly serious on April Fool's Day you're kind of defeating the whole purpose. Can't you lighten up for just one day? You know, get into the spirit of things by playing an April Fool's joke on me or something?
Nimrod: I just did.
Dorcas: You did? That was your April Fool's joke on me?
Nimrod: Yep. Happy April Fool's Day, Dorcas.
Dorcas: And happy April Prig's Day, to you, Nimrod.

Happy April Rolley's Day, every buddy!

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