Moral Atrocities, in Cleveland and China

Like most other Americans, I've been following the shocking story of the three young Cleveland women who were kidnapped and held hostage for a decade. There were terrible details of how one of these women was impregnated at least five times, and was starved and punched in the stomach by her rapist/kidnapper in a successful effort to kill these babies.

Commentators in a hurry stumbled over what to call this. One or two of them—probably accidentally—called the dead fetuses "unborn babies," and described what happened to them as "miscarriages." Only a few termed these horrors correctly: They were forced abortions.

For some viewers, this coverage was the first time they had heard the term. If they were shocked that anyone could engage in such monstrous behavior, they should know that the same thing happens 35,000 times a day in China, every single day. To learn more about this moral atrocity, and how you can help stop it, visit Women's Rights Without Frontiers.


Hey, hey, Gina listened! I told her if she didn't get Anne Morse to post a blog again here pretty soon I was going to have to start acting daffy. To which Gina responded, “start?” And before I could unruffle my feathers she added, “acting?” To which I responded, in kind (to complete the grammatical asymmetry), “daffy? Who you calling daffy?”

And then it hit me.


(Let the reader, the patient reader, the longsuffering reader, understand).

So good to see you back, Anne. I know I speak for all when I say you have been much in our thoughts.

Thanks for this blog. Reggie Littlejohn is one of my heroes. And so are you, my friend.

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