Gosnell guilty

Tweet from Bucks County Courier Times columnist JD Mullane just now: "Phila abortionist Kermit #Gosnell guilty 1st degree murder in 3 of 4 babies."

Stand by for more.

Update: From Atlantic Wire: "Tara Murtha of Philadelphia Weekly reports that Gosnell was found not guilty of murder of the fourth baby, but was also found guilty of involuntary manslaughter of one [of] his adult patients. Each of the first-degree murder charges could earn him the death penalty."

From Elizabeth Scalia on Facebook: "Local reports -- Gosnell shook his head, seemingly stunned; appeared near tears as he was led away. Death penalty could apply. . . . Gosnell was also convicted on hundreds of lesser charges ranging from infanticide to running a corrupt organization."


Regnavit pro Absurdo
It is an imperfect justice, breathtaking in irony.

For isn't this verdict more a matter of society washing its hands, Pilate-like, of the gruesomeness of the crime than the fact of it? Isn't it more an assignation of our guilt to a scapegoat than an acknowledgement that we ourselves were complicit in a monstrous crime?

It was “we, the people” who gave Gosnell every reason to regard infant life as contemptibly cheap and to conclude no one would care how the deed was done so long as it was done. We were content to turn our heads – until someone daringly made it impossible (thank God) for us to continue looking away.

“Such raw and monstrous evil!”, we gasped, “committed in our house, in our living room; how dare the man!” We flattered ourselves that we are not like him. Something had to be done to prove it. We were suddenly in the spotlight; accusing eyes were beginning to look our way. So we lynched the very triggerman we had lauded and paid handsomely mere hours before.
Nonetheless, I am glad Gosnell has been brought to justice. It is the first step in condoning evil not to bravely approve its conviction and punishment. I just bitterly lament that we cannot learn to renounce evil before, rather than after, the fact, and to take our share of blame and responsibility rather than hire more sophisticated triggermen to avoid future embarrassment.
LeeQuad, I think I like your answer of being relieved at the verdict. If Gosnell had "gotten away with it", it would have opened the flood-gates to not only infanticide, but all kinds of child murder! This way, a lot of "sideline" onlookers will feel that a jury of THEIR peers have decided against Gosnell and so it's okay to be against abortion.
Am I happy about the verdict? Yes, I am, and I'm not afraid to say so! He will never murder another woman or her baby no matter how long he lives! That alone is the greatest blessing to come out of this horrendous story!
I'm perplexed at how to react; I can't say I'm "pleased" or "glad" or any emotion indicating happiness. Yet this is a positive result for our society as a whole.

Any ideas? "I'm relieved that the verdict is what it is"??
Now that the point has been made it is incumbent on us not to gloat. Whatever he is done he is still a human and still might have the potential for redemption.

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