Some Assembly Required

It's not every day you stop off to pick up some meds and encounter a member of the British royal family, but that's what happened last Friday when I visited Walter Reed National Military Medical Center in Bethesda last Friday. Prince Harry was just leaving after visiting America's wounded warriors, many of whom are treated at Walter Reed. (Photo below the cut.)


I tried really hard to figure out a worldview point to justify posting this picture (and wasting Gina's time), but I couldn't think of one. So I will just ask readers to remember our soldiers, sailors, airmen, and marines serving around the world, and pray for them often. I see wounded warriors regularly when I visit Walter Reed for treatment (my own husband is retired military). Last week, on a day I had to undergo a chest X-ray, I saw a double-amputee wheeling himself down a hall, wearing prosthetic legs. The message on his T-shirt read, “Wounded Warrior (some assembly required).” Which made me want to laugh. Please also pray for those who are no longer in combat, but who face a lifetime of dealing with severe injuries. They are so young, and so brave.

(Image copyright Anne Morse)


(Why, oh why did I stop posting at the Breakpoint blog, she thinks. And suddenly she remembers, when Lee says this:)

But you failed to tell us, Queen Anne, if he bowed to you or not.

(This is mitigated somewhat when Lee adds:)

I echo Rolley in your other post by saying we have missed you **tremendously**. You've been in my prayers with your health challenges. I'm thrilled to see your name here again, on any topic - or non-topic. Kudos to Harry for apparently growing up a bit. And indeed, the Boston bombing was such a shockingly rare event because brave young people were willing to risk life and limb to make it so for us. No measure of thanks is sufficient.
I suppose the worldview point is Matt 25:34

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