Man Paralyzed Rescuing Drowning Girl Receives Thousands of Dollars in Support

As the release of the new Superman movie "Man of Steel" reminds us, there can often be longing for a hero like that in people's own lives. For four-year-old Javaeah Jones, that hero was Mike Patterson.

Javaeah was caught in a rushing river in Rockmart, Ga. Without a thought for his own personal safety, Patterson dived into the water to rescue the young girl. In the process, Patterson severely injured his neck, resulting in paralysis. Lacking health insurance, Patterson faces mountains of medical bills.

The reaction to this heartwrenching situation is a mark of heroism in itself. . . .

After hearing Mike Patterson's story in the news, people from all across the world have donated thousands of dollars to assist the Patterson family in paying for Mike's medical bills. The contribution left his mother touched. She proclaimed, "I did not realize that there was still kindness in this world like there is. I kind of thought the world had grown cold until this happened to my son."

Indeed, with some of the horrors reported in the news, acts of kindness can often be overlooked. They might not always make it to the silver screen like some caped crusaders, but quiet heroes like Mike Patterson are the true heroes whose tangible acts leave an indelible mark on people's lives.


I live in the Atlanta area, and this has been a BIG news story here.

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