Trivia Contest #3

On Wednesday Eric Metaxas told the story of a Franciscan priest named Francois Murad who, along with two of his assistants, was killed by Syrian rebels. According to the commentary, out of the remains of which empire did French and British diplomats form the country of Syria?

E-mail your answers to ben [underscore] taylor [at] pfm [.] org by tomorrow (Saturday) at 10 a.m. for your chance to win $25 worth of Colson Center merchandise.

Good luck, and remember: the journey of a thousand books begins with a single correct trivia answer!


Deborah, thanks for commenting. Ben and I have been discussing what you said, and we see your point. It didn't occur to either of us at the time, but we can see how the question might not have come across very well. Ben asked me to let you know that he'll be more careful with his choice of topics in future.
Trivia Contest headline
This is my first comment at BP -- one of my favorite websites, I come here often and recommend the site to others. I regret that my first comment has to do with my negative feelings about the headline -- Trivia Contest, followed by a paragraph summarizing a commentary on the beheading of a priest and his associates in Syria. It was a strange lead-in to the trivia contest. It came across as disrespectful. I know the trivia contest had to do with history of the formation of Syria -- but the flow of the article threw me.
To the person who just put an answer in the comment section: DO NOT put your answer in the comment section. It will not be counted. E-mail your answer to Ben Taylor, as instructed in the post.

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