World's Biggest Virus

Scientist have discovered a virus, called Pandoravirus, that is 1000 times larger than a flu virus. Origins of life issues have been raised with this latest discovery, some surmising that the virus orginated on Mars. Why they hope for this explanation, I'm not sure.

Have fun with The Blob.


Actually the reason scientists are excited is that viruses are life(well sort of) which means that there are in fact extraterrestrial microbes.

In fact the existence of anaerobic bacteria does lead one to wonder if there might not in fact be life in space.
That is still a pretty big requirement.
I've no idea how big the one hitting Mars has to be. It'd depend on the atmosphere and the softness of the rocks that it hit, at least. Probably the angle it hit with, too.

The meteorite leaving Mars and landing here just has to be big enough to make it out of Mars' and into the Earth's atmosphere without burning up -- no size requirement other than that.

I think they've found around 120 of these so far?
Really? Interesting. How big does the meteorite have to be to overcome Martian gravity?
Actually, Jason, we've found meteorites on Earth which were thought to come from Mars. Basically, a bigger meteor hits Mars, throws off some chunks of rock, and some of those end up here.
Rule of cool? That's as good a reason as any to hope for that explanation.

But if it came from Mars, either there is other intelligent life, or Mars once came near enough to dump it on us, like in Dragonriders and it is hard to imagine the last taking place in real life.

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