Through a Viewfinder

A trailer for the documentary "After Tiller," and an NBC news program about fashion photographer Rick Guidotti, cover the same subject: life and its messiness. But the outcomes are vastly different.

You might remember the horrific 2009 murder of abortionist Dr. George Tiller. Dr. Tiller specialized in third-trimester abortion. "After Tiller's" producers and directors are using their craft, documentary-making, to tell the story of Tiller and other third-trimester abortionists.

Through their camera's viewfinder, they tell the story of those whose mission is to keep third-trimester abortion legal, to help women who feels they don't have other choices. The documentary is being hailed as courageous.  

Juxtapose this documentary with, oddly enough, a fashion photographer. Rick Guidotti is an artist, and his medium is photography. He made a name for himself photographing beautiful people like Hollywood stars and fashion models. Through his view finder, he made beautiful people even more so.

Guidotti still photographs people, but now he focuses on people with disabilities and genetic conditions. And what he sees through his viewfinder, again, is beauty.

In fact, Guidotti is working with the medical community to help change the way people with these conditions are viewed. His work is paradigm-changing.

The juxtaposition between the people looking through the view finders can't be more stark: life and death. If I could make one wish, it would be to get Guidotti's work into the hands of every physician and person contemplating an abortion due to birth defects.

If you were asked to look through a viewfinder, what would you see?


If someone who unrepentantly and for years murders children for a living is not worthy of being called a monster, then I don't know who is.

And no, the guy who killed him is not on the same level. What he did was wrong, but not equal.
Acting on a very faulty worldview can make you a monster. It can also make you wealthy.
Mo, Dr. Tiller wasn't a monster--he was a man acting upon a very faulty worldview. Unfortunately, the person who murdered him had a faulty worldview too.
Contrast indeed!
I got as far as the introduction of that video about the baby murderer Tiller and had to stop. To see people celebrating a monster like that as well as defending his murder of children is beyond sickening.

However, the story about Rick Guidotti was fantastic! What a brilliant idea and what a great man for doing this! I was born with a minor birth defect and I know full well the way such people are presented to the world.

I have to find contact information to thank him for this work!

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