Obama mentions Pastor Saeed Abedini at National Prayer Breakfast

The president's speech focused on religious freedom, highlighting prisoners around the world, including the U.S. pastor imprisoned in Iran whom Obama has previously been criticized for not doing enough to help. Sarah Pulliam Bailey at Religion News Service has the story.


Obama supporting religious freedom?
This guy is such a fraud... how can he say with a straight face that we are all wonderfully made in the image of God, yet he supports partial birth abortion and is opposed to any sort of "born alive protection" legislation? He makes me want to vomit.
How to effect change
I've been watching and listening to a interview from several years ago, Jay Nordlinger interviewing Bernard Lewis, and they talked about the 2009 uprising in Iran. Lewis said there are quite a few ways to apply diplomatic and political pressure, but in this instance the West did none of them at all. He also said the Iranian regime is profoundly disliked by the populace.

Pres. Obama and the Western leaders were criminally silent and complacent, in watching the Iranian people rise up and get squashed. The video of the Iranian women getting shot is still available, and still heartbreaking.

Coincidentally, recently my institution hosted a Seminar by a scientist who is an Iranian Jew, now at UCLA. (I pointed out that must have been difficult, and he responded wryly, "Yes; in Iran, I am a Jew, and here in America, I am an Iranian.") I asked him about Iran, and he said there are four factions involved in the national government, only one of which is ferociously Islamist. He also said a LOT of what goes on there is about money, no more and no less. Interesting guy to talk with.
@ Kevin Peet
That's not overreacting. It's saying the truth boldly!
What can he do? He can link Pastor Saeed's release with the talks with Iran about nuclear weapons. He can mention it more often, publicly. He can be either lobbying behind the scenes or applying diplomatic pressure, or both. (And I admit that, since this would be behind the scenes, it might well be taking place now.) He can demand that Iran release an American citizen from prison for doing nothing more than trying to start an orphanage, in the name of Christ.

Let's put it this way: if Pres. Obama does indeed see himself as that powerless, then why in the world did he take on the job of being leader of the free world? His inaction, when coupled with his caving in on Syria (and all the rest of it), makes him and this nation look weak and gutless.

In other words: do something besides TALK.

Sorry if I'm over-reacting a bit. The spineless foreign policy is endangering so very many people.
What is he supposed to do?
Ah, so he does know about Pastor Abedini, and about Kenneth Bae in NK. Both are in poor health and will likely die soon if they aren't released and given the medical care they desperately need.

And yet he chooses to do nothing.

Think about that.

The wickedness of this man never ceases to leave me stunned.

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