God Created the Amoeba

I've often wondered what God was thinking when he created some of the living things present in the world -- you know, things like ticks, roaches, and viruses. Recently I found a pretty scary new icky thing called a entamoeba histolytica.

It's an amoeba, and unlike most other amoeba that are around us and in us, entamoeba histolytics is very toxic. The entamoeba histolytica have very bad table manners. The microscopic "nibblers" lodge in the intestines to feed and and spit to their heart's content. Microbiologists have provided us with a stunning and beautiful picture of this toxic amoeba eating human blood cells.

We have all had to answer questions about why, if God's so good, there's harmful x, y, and z. We have to acknowledge first that what God created was good, that humans and every other thing on earth and in the sky were to live in a symbiotic relationship. Second, we have to point to our rebellion that caused the fall of everything, including the amoebas, ticks, and roaches.

Please take a moment and view the picture of entamoeba histolytica at the link above. Then thank God for His creation and giving us the ability to see microbes like entamoeba histolytica. Finally, pray that researchers come up with medication to ameliorate said entamoeba histolytica.


Maybe God created the amoeba to remind us that there are creatures more intelligent then us?

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