Your support is changing lives!

Your gifts and prayers have a tremendous impact. Brooke and Paige recently shared how the Colson Center ministries that you make possible through your prayers and support, —have helped them live out a Christian worldview.

Brooke Colon, one of our own staff, was amazed the impact the Colson Fellows has had on her life.  Brooke was attracted to the Colson Fellows program, she says, because “I love discussing important things with people and having that opportunity to minister to people through relationship and through talking about our lives. But I wanted a better handle on ‘What is a Christian worldview?’ and ‘Why does it matter that we as Christians know that?’

“I also love mentoring college-age women. So I want to take what I learned and help them along the way as they grow in their understanding of what it looks like to model Christlikeness in today’s culture.”

Paige Fischer in Indiana shares, “The reading I’ve done [through the program] has opened my eyes to some of the ways to reach the world around me, and it also makes me want to read more. I’m enjoying that.

“We work with families that have children with disabilities, so we have a heart for the family as a whole. I’m hoping in some way to use the knowledge that we have to bring families together. I really believe ministry begins there, so we’re looking toward doing that.”


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