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How to Speak Truth and Love

Join Greg Stier, Michael Craven, Jonathan Morrow, and Sean McDowell for "How to Speak Truth and Love" (Inside and Outside the Church). Course begins Tuesday, April 6th. Register now!"

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Why become a Colson Fellow? Because the world needs you! The Colson Fellows Program is now accepting applications for the 2021 class that starts in July.

Is Being Gay Genetic?

Activists often claim that genetics is destiny when it comes to sexuality. Is that so?

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Shootings, Body Shaming, and Russian Art
Do Straight People Need Better Rules for Sex?
Chesterton on Disillusionment
Don’t Cancel Russian Art
Miscarriage and abortion
abortion saves women's lives?
Cultural Rage


Writers and speakers offering content that cuts through the fog of relativism and the news cycle with truth and compassion.

John Stonestreet

President, The Colson Center for Christian Worldview
and BreakPoint Radio Host


BreakPoint audio commentaries, hosted by John Stonestreet, air on more than 1,200 outlets with an estimated weekly listening audience of eight million people.
Do Straight People Need Better Rules for Sex?
Don’t Cancel Russian Art
Should Russian Art Get Canceled? May 19, 2022 Russia’s great artists have served as a national conscience, a reminder of the immutable truths…
Is the Future of Charitable Donation at Risk? May 18, 2022 We must protect the future of charitable contributions and organizations doing great work

The Point

The Point 60-second updates hosts written posts and helpful links on both current events and issues relevant to culture, family, the church, and the things that define our lives.
Miscarriage and abortion
Religion, Not Gender, Best Predicts Views of Abortion May 19, 2022 Abortion is not an issue of women against men.  It’s an issue of worldview. 
The Miscarriage Myth and Abortion May 18, 2022 Women deserve better than to be lied to. Christians need to tell the truth loud…
Chesterton on Disillusionment


The latest reflections and analysis from the BreakPoint writers.
Do Straight People Need Better Rules for Sex?
Chesterton on Disillusionment
Better Rules for Sex? May 20, 2022 It’s never popular to suggest any restrictions when it comes to sex, but the alternative…
Chesterton on Disillusionment May 20, 2022 We’ll have to take unpopular stands in our lifetimes, but placing our hope in Christ…

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