11-year-old Girl Assigned to Share Bed with Male Student

ADF is defending parents not notified about overnight school trip room assignment; ways we can support parental rights.


John Stonestreet

Heather Peterson

The Colson Center was among the original signatories of the Promise to America’s Children and the Promise to America’s Parents. A recent incident in Colorado shows why these promises are so important.  

An 11-year-old girl on a school trip was assigned to share a bed with a male student who identified as female. Her parents were not given notice that this bed- and room-sharing would even occur. Thankfully, her mom was also on the trip and intervened when her daughter called in a panic.  

Alliance Defending Freedom is representing the parents to hold the school district accountable. No school should ever enforce ideology at the expense of a child. Parents must protect the minds, bodies, and essential relationships of their children. This means that parents must never be kept in the dark, especially by schools and doctors. 

To read, sign, and share the Promise to America’s Parents go to 


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