The Point: Free from the Prison of Shame

It was for freedom that Christ set us free.

Award-winning Christian singer Russ Taff has had an amazing career—much of it while fighting alcoholism. How does he explain that double life? In a new documentary, Taff says, “I was locked up in shame’s prison for over 40 years.” He continued in that prison until seeking professional treatment.

Shame, after the fall, is common to human existence. We might try to cover our sin, like Adam and Eve did in the Garden when they hid from God. But we know whatever we tray is inadequate. We know our moral efforts just won’t measure up, and certainly cannot outweigh the sin for which we’re guilty before God.

Here’s the good news: Scripture tells us that Jesus not only bore our sin on the cross, He also bore our shame.

Facing our shame, however, requires a vulnerability many of us just cannot muster. We might need help, like Taff did. But to live in the freedom Christ purchased for us is more than worth it.

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