The Point: Irrationality on Campus

Well that’s not Ratio(nal) at all.

We’ve heard this kind of story before, but this time it’s in my backyard. The University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, will not allow Christian apologetics group Ratio Christi to be recognized as an official campus club.

In fact, UCCS has slow-walked the group’s efforts for recognition for three years. Why? Because Ratio Christi requires its leaders to uphold the mission of the group and, shockingly, to be Christians.

Never mind that the group welcomes all comers to its meetings and events—including atheists and Hindus.

The Alliance Defending Freedom has stepped in and has filed a lawsuit on Ratio Christi’s behalf. As an ADF press release asks, “Would UCCS force an animal rights group to elect a hunter as its president? Or a vegetarian group to elect a meat eater?”

Given ADF’s successful track record in promoting religious freedom on campus, UCCS would be wise to just go ahead and recognize Ratio Christi now.

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