The Point: The Church of England Transitions

Woe to those who call evil good and good evil.

The Church of England recently issued pastoral guidance calling for a “celebratory service” for gender transitions. The celebration might include baptism for transitioning people to “rededicate their (new) life and identity to God,” and also the laying on of hands and using the person’s new name.

As WORLD Magazine reports, the so-called church’s so-called guidance even “defended the practice of taking on a new name” by referring to “historic Biblical tradition.”

As if rejecting God as the creator of our physical bodies is the same as Saul becoming Paul.

Of course, as one C of E cleric observed, such a ceremony fails to even acknowledge “the spouse who feels betrayed, the children who feel abandoned, the parent who feels bereaved—and… those who have undergone transition and now regret the decision. . .”

Make no mistake, with this move, the Church of England is embracing that human fallenness is better than God’s creation, and overtly rejecting His design of male and female, made in His image.

This is not of God.



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  • Kiley Crossland | WORLD magazine | January 4, 2019

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