The Point: The Grandparent Advantage


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Humans are one of the only animal species whose females live past reproductive age. As NPR recently reported, this made researchers wonder: What’s the point of grandmas in a world about survival and propagation of your genes?

The conclusion: Grandmas give young families an evolutionary advantage by making it easier for their kids to raise more offspring.

Well, that’s one way to put it. Still doesn’t explain why every species doesn’t take advantage of grandmas…

How about this instead: God gives us grandmas (and grandpas) to share “with their children and children’s children” the wonders of what He has done (Exodus 10). By witnessing to God’s faithfulness over a lifetime, Christian grandparents pass on their faith to their future generations.

Here at the Colson Center, we believe in grandparents and their God-given calling. That’s why I will be speaking at the Legacy Coalition’s annual grandparenting summit in California later this month. There’s still time to register. But even if you can’t make it, see their resources for grandparents at



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