The Point: Slim Whitman, Skrillex, and the Apostle Paul?


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In the campy comedy classic “Mars Attacks,” the world is rid of the green invaders when humans discover that playing Slim Whitman’s terrible “Indian Love Song” makes the Martians’ heads literally explode.

Well, according to researchers, another piece of really bad music has nearly the same effect on another pesky invader. reports that playing “Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites” by the electronic band Skrillex bothers mosquitoes so much, they don’t bite—and even lose their desire to reproduce.

After listening to Skrillex myself, I see where the mosquitoes are coming from. Trust me, the band will  not replace bug spray at my house—it’s just too painful.

We encounter the world (and the culture around us) through our senses—the things we hear, see, touch, taste and smell. They affect our bodies, our minds, and also our souls. No wonder Paul urges us to focus on those things that are pure and lovely and worthy of praise.

Not things that will make your head explode.


Playing Skrillex May Help Ward Off Mosquito Bites
  • Meilan Solly | | April 2, 2019

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