A Dangerous “Right”

The Abortion Industry’s Lethal Negligence of Women’s Health

“Our reproductive rights are being erased,” tweeted actress Alyssa Milano about Georgia’s recently passed “heartbeat bill,” which outlaws abortions after the unborn child’s heartbeat can be detected. “Until women have legal control over our own bodies we just cannot risk pregnancy. JOIN ME by not having sex until we get our bodily autonomy back. I’m calling for a @SexStrike. Pass it on.”

Some 13 thousand of her fans retweeted her message, while 38 thousand “liked” it, which meant, presumably, that they, too, were prepared to sacrifice sex on the altar of abortion politics.

I couldn’t help wondering how Milano’s husband felt about this, until I read a WAPO piece explaining that the whole thing was a joke.

Tragically, the consequences of the “bodily autonomy” Milano celebrates aren’t making headlines. A horrific number of women have been maimed or killed at the abortion facilities Milano wants to keep open.

For instance, a patient at a Cleveland, Ohio abortion facility became frightened when she realized she was hemorrhaging following her abortion. Clinic staffers didn’t care; they kicked her out because it was time to close up. The patient called 911 for an ambulance, explaining that she was not breathing normally and was bleeding heavily. (You can listen to her 911 call here.)

As Operation Rescue notes on its website, it’s a violation of patient care standards to release an abortion patient before she is stabilized. But this clinic’s staffers couldn’t even be bothered to call 911 on behalf of this patient because they had places to go and things to do.

Then there’s the 911 call of a hysterical mother calling to say she had found her daughter dead following an abortion.

Another victim is bright, beautiful Roselle Owens. The 17-year-old was excited about graduating from high school and beginning college–but then discovered she was pregnant. She went to the Margaret Sanger Center Planned Parenthood in Manhattan for an abortion, and died at the hands of abortionist Gerald Zutnick. Roselle had no way of knowing that Zutnick had a long history of botching abortions.

In Boston, Planned Parenthood abortionists sent ten women to the hospital in just twelve months because of botched abortions. Boston’s pro-abortion Democrats now refuse to allow the public to access EMT records, despite the fact that names and other identifying details are redacted. This means Boston women considering abortions will have no idea how dangerous a particular doctor or facility is before scheduling an appointment.

At an Eastpointe, Michigan abortion facility, a Medstar Ambulance picked up a patient who was suffering from a possible uterine perforation and tachycardia (rapid heart-rate.) Hemorrhaging typically occurs when the abortionist accidently tears a hole in a woman’s uterus.

Eastpointe’s owner, Angel Ojeda, spent a year on probation after the Michigan Department of Licensing discovered that he “failed to secure and account for dangerous drugs and failed to report the theft of drugs”—including 82 vials of Fentanyl stolen by Ojeda’s former employee, Michael Roth, who used them while performing abortions out of his home.

Roth, who–appropriately–wears a butcher’s apron while performing abortions, was also responsible for perforating the uterus of a women who subsequently had to undergo a hysterectomy. Police arrested Roth after discovering his car contained “14 tubs containing the remains of aborted babies.” His medical license was suspended, and he was fined $25,000.

Ojeda replaced Roth with another sterling medical practitioner: Dr. Martin Ruddock, who was fined and reprimanded by the Michigan Board of Medicine and Board of Pharmacy for “administering sedation to abortion patients without a valid Drug Enforcement Agency license.”

Abortionist and drug dealer James Pendergraft was arrested for “operating an illegal home abortion and drug distribution business out of the back of a van in South Carolina, where he holds no license to practice medicine,” notes Operation Rescue.

In St. Louis, 74 emergency transports following botched abortions have been documented at a Planned Parenthood facility which Operation Rescue calls the most dangerous in America. Mercifully, it may be closing its doors on May 31.

“The frequency that medical emergencies take place at abortion clinics—as evidenced by 911 records—blows the Abortion Cartel’s ‘safe and legal’ mantra out of the water,” says Operation Rescue’s Troy Newman. ”The last thing these people want is to be exposed as having lied to the American people about the basic premise used to decriminalize abortion.”

Gradually, these lies and abuses ARE being exposed, even as abortion supporters continue to claim they simply want to protect women who–were abortion re-criminalized–would go back to those awful, incompetent, back-alley abortionists (most of whom were physicians, by the way).

But, 46 years after Roe v. Wade, those awful, incompetent abortionists are still here. And they’re still butchering women along with their babies.

Which leads one to ask: If clinic operators know one of their abortionists is harming women, why don’t they fire her and hire a more competent one? And why are an astonishing 50 percent of all abortionists denied hospital privileges?

Part of the answer, I believe, may be that competent doctors—committed to saving lives–want nothing to do with tearing apart healthy human babies, while bad doctors—unable to get work anywhere else-are welcomed with open arms by Big Abortion, which is more interested in making money off women than caring for them.

For instance, the South Wind Women’s Center in Kansas hired Leslie Page, a physician who had been disciplined by the Kansas Board of Healing Arts for “professional incompetency.”  According to Life News, The Board of Healing arts “issued an Enforcement Order” restricting Page’s medical practice and “forbidding her from practicing obstetrics, including a prohibition on Page delivering live babies,” Operation Rescue’s Cheryl Sullenger writes. The Board noted that she had committed “a pattern or practice of other behavior which demonstrates a manifest incapacity or incompetence to practice medicine.”

After hiring Page, the South Wind Women’s Center illegally hid from patients the fact that they would be putting their lives in the hands of this dangerously incompetent doctor. Just how is this good for women?

As I was preparing this column, I watched an episode of Call the Midwife, set in London in the early 1960s, in which a pregnant woman visits an illegal abortionist and then dies of an infection, leaving behind a grieving husband and two children. The episode’s message was, “If only abortion were legal, women like this would not have to die.”

But abortion is legal now—and more women are dying than ever, in part because so many more women seek them out. They die because too many abortionists are incompetent. They die because politicians and the abortionists who fund their campaigns lie about the so-called safety of abortion.

Most of all, they die because abortionists really don’t care about women. Hundreds of abortion-related deaths have been documented in America alone since 1973. And there are likely many more that have been covered up.

Instead of calling for “sex strikes,” I wish actresses like Alyssa Milano would demand an “abortion strike” until every woman in America knows the dirty truth about the abortion industry–and the corrupt and vicious practitioners who prey upon women.


Anne Morse spent 17 years writing and editing BreakPoint radio scripts for Chuck Colson, and is the author or editor of several books. She lives in Maryland with her husband.

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