The Point: White Men and Abortion


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“These 25 White Men – all Republicans – just Voted to Ban Abortion in Alabama.”

Of all the hyperbolic, misleading headlines following recent legislation passed in Georgia and Alabama, that one – from The Guardian – took the cake. For extra effect, the article provided images of each of the Alabama legislators who voted to effectively ban abortion in the state, to show just how white and male they really are.

For a bit of historical context, my colleague Shane Morris posted another image of a group of almost all white men on his social media feeds: the Supreme Court in 1973. That group of men overrode state sovereignty and forced on America abortion on demand. So if Tuesday’s vote is illegitimate because of gender or race, why wouldn’t Roe be illegitimate for the same reason?

The truth is, of course, arguments and laws don’t have genders or races. The question that must be answered about abortion, and about the morality of our laws is quite simple: Does abortion take the life of an innocent human being, or not?



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