The Point: New York Keeps the Ban on Surrogacy. For Now


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Last week on The Point, I reported that I agree with radical feminist Gloria Steinem on a single issue: banning surrogacy.

As it turns out, enough conservatives and feminists convinced enough members of the New York Assembly to oppose a bill that would have legalized surrogacy in the state. The bill had passed the state senate with a healthy majority.

WORLD magazine quotes New York’s first openly gay assemblywoman, Deborah Glick, as saying, “It is pregnancy for a fee, and I find that commodification of women troubling.” As she should. Just as troubling is the fact that the New York bill would have allowed anyone—even pedophiles—to contract for surrogacy. Never mind the issue of human trafficking or the physical risks involved for surrogate moms.

While this is great news, Jennifer Lahl of the Center for Bioethics and Culture warned WORLD that she “fully expects the bill to be back on the schedule next session.”

She’s probably right. So our work continues.



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