The Point: A Trend We Need to Talk About


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As a society becomes less religious, it also becomes more permissive. That’s true of our age as well: Americans—especially the “nones,”or those with no religious affiliation – are becoming more accepting of homosexuality, transgenderism, sex before marriage, and even infidelity within marriage.

And the same new study that tells us this, by Christian sociologist Mark Regnerus, also shows that self-identifying evangelicals and Catholics are also growing more permissive in their attitudes about these issues.

Instead of becoming more counter-cultural, religious believers are, as Regnerus says, “becoming more complicit” in the sexual revolution, or at least “quieter about their misgivings.”

What does this mean for our culture, and specifically the Church? Mark Regnerus joined me to talk about that on the BreakPoint Podcast. It’s available today. Mark is one of America’s leading researchers on cultural trends. So, please come to to listen.


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