The Point: Sanity—and a Safe Space—for Abused Women


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When a drunk, belligerent, and obviously injured man showed up at a faith-based refuge shelter for abused women in Anchorage, Alaska, the shelter, the Downtown Hope Center, referred him to a hospital and even picked up the taxi fare.

The city of Anchorage was so grateful, it took legal action against the shelter for not letting the man—who identifies as a woman—stay overnight in the same room with the battered women.

Oh, and by the way, the shelter continued to help the man with food and other resources, even while he attempted to shut them down.

Thankfully, last week, a federal district court sided with the shelter and handed down a preliminary injunction against the city.

As Alliance Defending Freedom Senior Counsel Kate Anderson put it, “[W]omen deserve a safe place to stay overnight. No woman—particularly not an abuse survivor—should be forced to sleep or disrobe next to a man.”

Seems like common sense to me, but not according to trans-ideology.


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