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A Christian View of Money: Seeing our Finances in Light of God’s Economy


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

Already this year, we’ve seen a health crisis create a financial crisis and a resurgence of socialist ideas, all in the context of lost jobs, closed businesses, market craziness, and social unrest.

I can’t think of a better time to rethink our finances, and teach our kids what God thinks about money.

The next Colson Center short course is “A Christian View of Money: God’s Economy vs. the World’s.” If you’ve never thought about how God thinks about stewardship and financial resources take this course. Or, if it’s time to talk with your kids about money, take this course together.

Beginning July 7 and for four straight Tuesday nights, we will cover the concept of generosity with Dr. Dan Lewis, the 4 H’s of financial wisdom with Ron Blue, discerning need vs want with Brandon Sieben. And we’ll wrap up with Dr. Jay Richards, who will debunk common economic myths.

All sessions are recorded in case you have to miss one. Come to to register.

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