A Moral Call To Arms

Recently the nation's capital was treated to a display of unnatural exhibitionism that shocked even jaded observers. The scene was an AIDS benefit at the federally owned Mellon Auditorium--and it is yet another indication of the alarming success of the radical gay agenda. Videotapes of the proceedings revealed the shameless reveling of the participants, including illegal activities like public nudity, same-sex intercourse, and drug dealing. The emboldened crowds spilled outside to engage in rampant sexual liaisons, forcing security guards to cordon off the grounds. Make no mistake. This brazen flaunting of morally abhorrent behavior is part of a calculated campaign to overturn our nation's traditional sexual mores. In his book entitled The Family Under Siege, George Grant documents a chilling list of gay demands gleaned from the Advocate, the nation's most prestigious gay magazine. These demands include the endorsement of homosexuality by all religions, the removal of antihomosexual passages from the Bible, and the indoctrination of the young in homosexual behavior. Finally, and most ominously, the magazine calls for the expurgation of "ugly and ignorant homophobia" through the use of "heavy punishments" and "public humiliation." The Advocate warns that if their agenda is not speedily enacted, "we will subject orthodox Jews and Christians to the most sustained hatred and vilification in recent memory." The magazine concludes with a boastful challenge: "We have captured the liberal establishment and the press. We have already beaten you on a number of battlefields . . . surrender now." This radical gay agenda is predicated upon the widely propagated notion that homosexuals are an oppressed minority who are only reacting against unbearable injustice. The facts, however, tell a different story--that of a homosexual movement awash in money and political power. Marketing surveys show that the average household income of homosexuals is considerably higher than the American average. Homosexuals are three times more likely than the average American to be college-educated. They're also three times more likely to hold a professional or managerial position. And far from being politically powerless, in recent years homosexuals have demonstrated political clout far beyond their numbers. Numerous states and cities have granted homosexuals "protected class" status. Domestic partner policies in many corporations grant them the same benefits as married couples. And growing numbers of openly gay people are being elected to political office--like Republican Steve Gunderson of Wisconsin, who was an official host of the recent offensive AIDS activities in Washington. The truth is that, far from being a persecuted minority, gays constitute one of the most well-heeled and powerful groups in America today. And they intend to use that power to silence any opposition. Columnist Armstrong Williams writes that the gay agenda is just part of a wider cultural transformation. "If completed," writes Armstrong, "the result will be a country unrecognizable to the Framers of our Constitution. No civilization can long sustain widespread depravity." Make no mistake about it: This is a real battle for the soul of a culture. It is up to every able citizen to be aware of the issues and to use every legitimate and loving means at our disposal to expose this threat to civilized society.


Chuck Colson



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