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One of the most important effects of embracing a deliberate and self-conscious Christian worldview — while losing the sacred-secular distinction so many Christians have absorbed from the world around us — is seeing the depth, the breadth, and the width of the Lordship of Jesus Christ in every sphere of life. Once we see life this way, our understanding of serving Jesus is radically re-shaped in light of the unassailable, undefeatable, and ever-advancing Kingdom of God.

Once Chuck Colson embraced that vision of the Christian life, he poured it into every single BreakPoint commentary. Each and every day, in every speech, in every book, and in every visit to every prison, he was eager to help Christians think clearly about cultural issues and trends from a Christian worldview.

During the last decade of his life, Colson decided that the best way he could advance this vision would be replication. That is why he invited Christians to study with him in what is now called the Colson Fellows Program – calling Christians to take a deep dive into the Christian worldview over a ten-month course of study, to be trained and mentored by top Christian authors and thinkers. He saw class after class of Christians become the kind of culture-shaping leaders that could look at the world around them, think clearly about it, effectively analyze, critique, and discern what was happening in the world and champion the Kingdom of God in whatever time and place God had called them to.

What makes the Colson Fellows Program so different and so vital is that it is not just an exercise in learning new things, as important as that is. Commissioned Colson Fellows are, well, commissioned. Because the training includes a teaching project, a three-year planning process, and a self-inventory on who God has made them to be, they are able to apply the Christian worldview in real-world, practical ways.

Here is how the program works: Colson Fellows-in-Training learn how to articulate and defend biblical truth in the marketplace of ideas through intensive instruction on worldview and cultural analysis. They read both Christian classics and the best contemporary writers, many of whom they interact with on twice-monthly webinars. Colson Center faculty includes folks such as Os Guinness, Joni Eareckson Tada, Dr. Glenn Sunshine, J. Warner Wallace, Jennifer Marshall, and Scott Klusendorf.

What may be the best part is that Colson Fellows study together as a community, either in one of our 55 Regional Cohorts around the country, a time-zone specific Online Cohort, or one of five International Cohorts. So, we have doctors and business professionals learning alongside of academics and lawyers, who are, in turn, learning alongside homeschool moms and everyday Christians, all of whom are passionate about living faithfully in this cultural moment. The cross-pollination of applied faith is rich, indeed.

Those who complete the program then join a network of more than 2,000 commissioned Colson Fellows, who have studied with us and are living out a deeper faith in a broken world. This network includes people like pastors, religious freedom attorneys, educators, college presidents, entrepreneurs, and you name it.

Colson Fellows Program Director S. Michael Craven likes to say that as people study with the Colson Fellows, many have this moment of conversion. Serious-minded Christians who have been walking with the Lord for many years discover more clearly, some for the first time, that they are a part of a much larger story – one that certainly includes but goes beyond our personal salvation in Jesus Christ.

Christians often say, “I’ve invited Jesus into my life,” but the reality is that Jesus is inviting us into His. His life, His purpose, His restoring work in the world He created. To this life – His Life – we are invited to join in the work of making all things new.

If you are stirred in heart and mind around this kind of faith, this kind of life, come to to learn more. We respond to all inquiries and are happy to answer any questions you may have. We are accepting applications now for next year’s class of Colson Fellows.


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