To Blog or Not to Blog

They cover every subject you could imagine, and a few subjects you probably couldn’t. Their numbers are said to double about every six months. At the same time they were being belittled by the media as not worth noticing, they helped bring down a media titan. Wherever you go these days, from political conventions to the Olympics to the local Starbucks, they’re a force to be reckoned with. In short, they’re everywhere—and multiplying fast. I’m talking, of course, about Web logs, or “blogs” for short. Now as you may know, blog is a term that can be defined in more than one way. In some cases, it’s an online journal written by one person; in others, it’s a running commentary on current events compiled by a group of people. Blogs can be powerful forces—just ask Dan Rather, whose use of forged documents dealing with President Bush’s National Guard service was first exposed by bloggers. And of course, there are blogs out there from every conceivable perspective. Today I’m happy to tell you about a new blog, one that’s written from a Christian worldview perspective. It’s our own brand-new blog here at BreakPoint. We call it “The Point.” We now have sixteen people blogging on pretty much everything under the sun: persecution of Christians, literary feuds, comedy troupes, AIDS, the Pope’s comments on Islam, TV dramas . . . you name it, they’re blogging about it. Let me tell you a bit about our bloggers. Most of them are part of our BreakPoint writing and research team; a few are graduates of our Centurions program. T. M. Moore, an eminent theologian and the dean of the Centurions program, also participates. These sixteen people represent many different ages, denominations, backgrounds, and walks of life. But they’re all committed to the vision that all of life come under the Lordship of Christ. That means that whether they are discussing the president’s speech to the UN or the new Macy’s commercial, they’re thinking about how to apply Christian truth in every situation and how to speak those truths in a winsome manner that draws both believers and nonbelievers back for more. And they are eager to hear from you as well. I invite you not only to read the blog every day, but also to comment on what you read. We hope to create a community of conversation where we spur one another on to live out a Christian worldview in all aspects of life. I believe this new venture of ours is an important step in advancing Christian thought in the marketplace of ideas. And we’re not alone. There are many worthwhile Christian blogs, and we’ll point them out to you when you visit “The Point.” As I said before, people are turning to the Internet for their news, entertainment, political commentary, research, and more. Blogs are just one way of meeting them where they are with viewpoints that they may never have even considered. So I would like to invite you to join us at “The Point” by going to Or you can access the blog just by going to and clicking on the blog link. Invite your friends, your neighbors, your co-workers, and help us bring the Christian worldview perspective to a whole new arena.  
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