Butler and Postmodernism

The social framework invasive in today’s culture seeks only to destroy.


John Stonestreet

Jared Hayden

The most influential academic you’ve probably never heard of, Judith Butler, has published a popular-level book that left even the Left frustrated. One scathing review in The Atlantic was titled “Not Everything is About Gender,” and exposed Butler’s inherently contradictory thinking: “In every other context, Butler works to demolish the idea of the eternal human—everything is contingent—except for when it comes to being transgender.”  

For Butler, only trans ideology “is not up for debate.” 

Very few people will ever read postmodern thinkers like Butler, and fewer will understand them, but it’s important to know the contradictions of their ideas. In the postmodern mind, nothing is eternal or universal—except the idea that nothing is eternal or universal. Everything is contingent, except the idea that everything is contingent. Nothing is true, except the idea that nothing is true. 

It’s why postmodernism and its terrible stepchildren cannot build anything, but only destroy: traditions, norms, civilizations, and ultimately, lives.  


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