Cancelling Anne Frank?

German daycare attempts to rebrand after declaring it too hard to explain its namesake’s political history to children.


John Stonestreet

Kristen Bender

I didn’t think cancel culture would ever come for Anne Frank, but here we are. Parents of a German daycare center named after Frank proposed a name change because, they said, it was too difficult to explain the significance of Frank to their children. The director of the school agreed, and explained that a name “without political background” would be better. 

After public backlash, the trustees reversed course, and for that we can be grateful. Anne Frank was a real girl who faced real horrors and met a real and horrible death. Erasing her memory helps no one. 

History should not be edited to fit our comfort levels. Like real life, history has hard edges and unpleasant elements that don’t budge for contemporary fashion or fragile feelings. Its value lies in teaching us those hard lessons, not in conforming to what we wish were true. Anne Frank deserves better, and so do the kids learning her story today. 


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