Christian Baker Wins in U.K. Court


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

An eight-year court battle over a bakery cake in the United Kingdom is finally over. Earlier this month, the European Court of Human Rights declined to hear the case brought by Gareth Lee, a gay activist who sued a Christian-owned bakery in 2014 after the shop declined to decorate a cake with the words “Support Gay Marriage.”

This leaves in place Britain’s Supreme Court’s 2018 ruling, which said the bakery didn’t discriminate against the customer by refusing to print a message.  

This is good news.  

When Lee first sued the bakery he said publicly that their refusal to print the message made him feel like a, “lesser person.” This points to how vapid modern notions of identity have become. There are real consequences of disconnecting people from their Creator, and leaving them with no real reference point than their own self-expression. 

The Biblical idea of the image of God is so much better than anything else on offer in the marketplace of ideas. 


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