The Point

Coming Up in 2021


John Stonestreet

David Carlson

After 2020, I won’t be making any predictions about 2021. However, there are plenty of pre-existing conditions exposed by last year that remain critically important, especially for the church.

Societal trust has been eroding for a long time, but this year invaded our closest relationships, like churches and families. Those breeches must be addressed. And, we saw just how many politicians and, for that matter Christians, consider church to be “non-essential.” It isn’t.

And, of course, issues of race and justice, will re-emerge. The question is whether they’ll be hijacked by wokeness, or actually addressed within a framework of human dignity and morality. 

The Colson Center helps Christians navigate these culture waters. BreakPoint, the Point, and our What Would You Say videos bring a grounded Christian analysis to the most pressing issues. And our podcast network has two new features, Upstream, and Strong Women, to ground believers more deeply in a Christian worldview. 


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