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Define “Health,” Eh?


John Stonestreet

Roberto Rivera

People often use the same vocabulary but work from different dictionaries.

Take this recent story from Canada. Because “for people in developing countries—particularly women and children—the pandemic may have significant and lasting negative impact on their health, prosperity and opportunities…,” the Canadian government says it will provide “urgent and necessary funding . . . to support those who are most vulnerable.”

Who are the “most vulnerable?” Because of what Canada calls its “feminist international assistance approach,” the “most vulnerable” are women who want an abortion. Not, of course, the babies in their wombs. So Canada is using the COVID-19 pandemic to make funds available for “sexual and reproductive health rights.”

In other words, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government thinks the best way to protect the health, prosperity, and opportunities for children from the negative impacts COVID-19 is to kill them.

Like I said: same words, different dictionaries.


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