‘Different Together’

Not long ago, I talked about how some AIDS activists are finally acknowledging that homosexuals need to change their behavior. Dangerous sexual practices that are common among practicing homosexuals are putting far too many at risk for disease. These practices include rampant promiscuity and sex under the influence of drugs. Rumors of a new, highly resistant "AIDS supervirus" haven't been proven, but they were enough to introduce a more sober, reflective mood in the homosexual community. Good, about time. But this is why the timing is so bad to announce a new twenty-four-hour gay- themed television channel. And that's exactly what's in the works. MTV is planning to launch LOGO, a cable channel "for lesbians and gays and just about anyone who enjoys a gay point of view," as the publicity materials put it. Like most channels, LOGO will feature news shows, situation comedies, documentaries, reality shows, movies, talk shows, and more. But all of them will have homosexuality as their focus. For instance, there's a wedding-planning show, My Fabulous Gay Wedding, and documentaries about gay rugby players. Unfortunately, the LOGO channel exemplifies the very attitude that has put so many homosexuals in danger. LOGO's message is not just one of tolerance, but one of celebration -- celebration of a way of living that brings with it tragic consequences. The assumption of the minds behind LOGO apparently is that homosexuality is as normal, healthy, and fulfilling as heterosexuality. The advertising slogan they're using for the channel is "Different. Together." Now, to my way of thinking, the "together" part is highly questionable. Together is meant to signify total equality in all areas of life. I think that's another way of saying, "Our sexuality is just as good as yours. Our lifestyle deserves validation." In one sense, they may have a point, because it makes no sense and helps no one to pretend that homosexuality doesn't exist. It is a fact; it has to be dealt with as such. But in another way, the LOGO channel's message is deeply flawed. When you look at human sexuality through the lens of a Christian worldview, you begin to see just how far the homosexual way of life falls short. On the one hand, you have the natural way God designed sexuality to function: as part of a life-affirming, pro-child, monogamous union of the sexes. On the other hand -- and this is true for both homosexuals and for promiscuous heterosexuals -- you have a series of transient relationships, life-threatening diseases, anti- natalism, and broken homes. And these are hardly things to celebrate. The debut of the LOGO channel isn't surprising. Niche programming is the big thing these days, and the gay market means big advertising revenues. What's more, every human being craves acceptance, and in this day and age, people are willing to do almost anything to get it. But what we all need to understand is that acceptance doesn't come from forcing others to validate your harmful choices. The only real acceptance comes when we surrender our lives to the One who alone can meet all our deepest needs, and whose design for life is superior to any idea we could come up with.
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