Experimenting on Breastfeeding Babies

A so-called step forward in “gender affirming care” uses babies as props in yet another social experiment for narcissists.


John Stonestreet

A 50-year-old man who identifies as a woman was able to “breastfeed” his grandchild after taking a series of experimental hormones. The researchers who made this possible proudly announced that this unidentified man was able to have this “experience” without any detrimental side effects to himself, as if that’s what breastfeeding is about, the experience of the adult. 

Not only has the FDA not approved these experimental drugs, it, in fact, strongly warns against them. Most medical professionals warn mothers against even taking cold medicine when breastfeeding and yet, somehow, proponents are praising this experimental use of these drugs as a step forward in “gender-affirming care.” 

Maya Forstater, the executive director of Sex Matters, rightly criticized, “Men should not be permitted, still less supported, to get between babies and their mothers or to use babies as props to validate their beliefs that they are women.” 

Children should never be social experiments to fulfill adult fantasies.   


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