BP This Week

HHS Rules on Sex and Gender

Plus: Christian Colleges; Australian Conservatives; Memorial Day


John Stonestreet

Warren Cole Smith

John Stonestreet and Warren Cole Smith discuss the proposed HHS rules that scale-back the Obama Administration’s expansive definition of “sex” to include “gender preference.” Among other things, the proposed rules will help protect religious groups from discrimination claims–and once again show that the Trump Administration is following through on religious freedom.

Also on today’s show: A couple dozen students and faculty walk out on Vice-President Pence’s commencement address at Taylor University, which by the way is a Christian school. Australian conservatives form a coalition government with an outspokenly Christian prime minister; a major left-wing website goes up for sale; and finally, with Memorial Day coming up, John reminds us that our men and women in uniform are still putting their lives on the line for us–and like the brave troops of times past, some are making the ultimate sacrifice.


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