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Homosexuality and Scripture

What Would You Say?


John Stonestreet

You’re talking with a friend about Scripture, and he says, “God punished Sodom because they didn’t help the poor and needy—not because of homosexuality.” What would you say?

That’s the topic of our latest “What Would You” video—a resource to help you answer our culture’s toughest questions with clarity and conviction.

So, why did God punish Sodom? While Ezekiel 16:49 says God punished them because they ignored the poor, He also, in the very next verse, accuses Sodom of “abominations,” the same word used in Leviticus to describe homosexual behavior. And the story of Lot in Genesis 19:5 is crystal clear that God’s anger was directed at the men of Sodom for wanting to “have relations” with Lot’s male guests.

Of course, many other passages in both the Old and New Testaments are very clear that God sees all homosexual behavior as sin and a violation of how He created the world.

You can answer the tough questions—with clarity and conviction. Come to


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