If You Give a Kid a Phone, You Give a Kid …

Access to the internet is the top predictor of porn exposure.


John Stonestreet

Shane Morris

In an article at The Guardian, theater director Abbey Wright described talking with 10,000 children and teenagers about the impact of pornography on their lives. She was careful not to tell young children more than they knew, asking them simply, “What is bad about the internet?” Still, she was shocked how many described pornography finding them. 

Children as young as six recalled popups and ads placed in otherwise innocent content. Some were shown porn by friends or siblings. Yet many parents remain naïve about what their kids are seeing. 

One teenager offered this reality check: “If you put a phone in a child’s hand, you are putting porn in a child’s hand.” 

There’s more to the fight for the souls of our kids than keeping phones and tablets away from unsupervised children, but there is not less. The average age of porn exposure is 12, and the availability of internet browsing devices is the most reliable predictor that a child will be exposed. Don’t take the risk. It’s not worth their innocence or wellbeing. 


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