In Canada, ‘Right’ to Die Becomes Recommendation to Die

Doctors and nurses are urged to suggest medically assisted suicide to all eligible patients.


John Stonestreet

Maria Baer

Last year, the Canadian government sanctioned the killing of 13,241 people by the euphemistically named Medical Assistance in Dying. MAiD accounted for 4.1% of all deaths in Canada in 2022 and is the fifth leading cause of death in that country. 

The slide down this slippery slope began by first legalizing doctor-assisted suicide for people facing “imminent death” and then expanding it step by step until it was available to virtually anyone who asks for it. 

In fact, now Canadians don’t even need to ask. Doctors and nurse practitioners there have been told they have a professional obligation to bring up the option of MAiD to any patients considered “eligible.” That kind of suggestion can sound an awful lot like a recommendation to someone struggling with whether or not to live. 

These numbers are just going up, and they will until enough Canadians refuse to participate in Canada’s culture of death. 


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