In U.K., Promoting Violence OK, but Not Praying Silently

Societies that reject their moral foundations support violence while punishing prayer.


John Stonestreet

Timothy D Padgett

As the world continues to learn the disturbing details of the Hamas atrocities against Israeli women, children, and other civilians, an added horror is the thousands of people around the world, even in the West, publicly supporting those doing the killing. While many have stood up for the Jews, many others have taken to the streets, celebrated the evils, protested Israel’s justified retaliation, and even called for “Jihad.” 

As Lois McLatchie Miller noted, this is particularly galling in the U.K. where pro-lifers have been arrested for silent prayer while this rank antisemitism is protected:  

A police force that sends six officers to arrest a silently praying Christian woman, but lacks resources to stop our streets from flooding with violence, is not one that reflects the values of a Western democratic society. 

Of course, that depends on which values are currently prevailing, something constantly in flux in societies that have rejected their moral foundations. 


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