India’s Deadly Election

The war on freedom in the world’s largest democracy.


John Stonestreet

India, the so-called world’s largest democracy, is facing an election where opposition candidates face intimidation, death threats, and assassination attempts.   

Apparently, democracy does not mean the same thing for all people in all places. In India, under the rule of a Hindu Nationalist for the last six years, it means voting under persecution and fear.  

In a press conference with President Biden last year, Modi claimed there was “no room for discrimination” in India, but that didn’t prevent his intelligence agency from trying to assassinate a dissident on American soil. 

And the claim has not borne true for religious minorities in India, especially Christians and Muslims, who live under constant threat of persecution and discrimination, from both the state and their fellow citizens.  

The principles of dignity and liberty for each and every person are only grounded in a Christian understanding of life and the world, which is why freedom is such a fragile thing. Pray for India, especially the Christians there. 


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