Is Anybody Listening?

When I'm introduced to speak, I'm often called a prophet. It always makes me cringe. I think it's a little self-promoting for me to think of myself in those terms, and besides, biblical prophets got stoned or exiled or rejected. Who wants the job? Nobody really likes a prophet because he tells people things they don't want to hear. Today, I'm going to fill that role: I'm going to tell you something you don't want to hear. The fact is that we are going to have legalized gay "marriage" in the United States. It's inevitable, I believe, unless Christians and others speak up strongly. I was on Capitol Hill a few days ago and met a group of senior congressional staff. They cornered me to tell me that they are greatly alarmed over the lack of public support for the Federal Marriage Amendment. No senator was reporting any unusual number of calls or e-mails. One conservative Midwest senator who is considered a sure vote said he isn't sure he wanted to get involved in this issue because he hasn't heard from his constituents. He's not alone. This is tragic. Where are the Christians? Are we asleep? Too many, I fear, have been suckered into a "what's-in-it-for-me?" approach to faith. People go to church to hear a feel-good sermon, sing some happy clappies, and visit with friends. We ignore completely the cultural implications of our faith. And then we're shocked by the state of the culture. The political realities in Washington are very clear: This is the best opportunity we'll ever have to get this amendment. The senators announced a vote for June. And Tom DeLay (R-Tex.), the House Majority Leader, tells me the vote will come in the House this summer. All of the House members, I'll remind you, are up to face the voters in November, and so are one-third of the senators. And in an election year a vote against the Marriage Amendment could hurt politically. But if we fail this year, and it goes over to next year, the vote will cause no pain. Right now, in addition to tremendous arguments on our side, we have a president on our side. Yet instead of pressing our advantage, we seem indifferent. I don't understand where all the Christians have gone. What will it take to awaken the Church? What's it going to take to get all of you good people listening and reading today to get on the telephones to call your congressmen, senators, state legislators, and other public officials to say, "We want to protect marriage"? After all, it's one of only three institutions established by God and recognized by all societies for millennia. I think we've fallen for the lie. But to take a position or speak for truth is insensitive or intolerant. If we fall for that, God's judgment can't be far behind. Don't procrastinate. Call us here at BreakPoint (1-877-322-5527) for the materials you'll need. We'll tell you how to contact your congressman and senators and public officials. And don't forget to ask your state legislators to introduce and pass a resolution favoring and urging the U.S. Congress to pass the Marriage Amendment. It's an easy resolution to get passed, and it would put tremendous pressure on Congress. Jim Dobson and I and others can go to the White House to talk with the president or to the Capitol to talk with congressmen and senators, but we'll accomplish nothing unless the people in public office know that the public is demanding action. Your voice counts. It's urgently needed. E-mail and call your senators and congressman once a week until this passes, and get your church and your friends to do the same. Anybody out there listening? Take action: To contact your U.S. senators and representative and urge them to support the Federal Marriage Amendment, call the Capitol switchboard at 202-224-3121. Visit for other methods on contacting your federal and state legislators. For further reading and information: Charles Colson, "Gay Marriage Has Never Been a Constitutional Right," BreakPoint Online, 25 February 2004. Visit BreakPoint's resource page on the sanctity of marriage. Call 1-877-3-CALLBP to request the complimentary Marriage Amendment information packet. The BreakPoint "Speak the Truth in Love" kit is filled with useful resources to help you talk about the highly charged issue of homosexuality with your friends and neighbors, including the Evangelicals and Catholics Together statement on marriage, CDs addressing same-sex "marriage" and how to talk to homosexual friends, and more. See BreakPoint commentaries "Look before We Leap," "New Paltz Follies," "An Epidemic of Lawbreaking," "Reinforcing the Foundation," and "Say It Ain't So, Dave." Sign our petition in support of the Federal Marriage Amendment.


Chuck Colson


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